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Curzio Equity Owners – Securitize Issues 10th Token




Curzio Equity Owners - Securitize Issues 10th Token

Investor excitement continues to grow over Securitizes announcement that Curzio Equity Owners is to be the 10th official token issued on the network. Curzio Equity Owners is an analytical industry newsletter publishing firm. Uniquely, the company seeks to provide small investors access to this previously exclusive market via an upcoming STO.

Publishing firms such as analytical newsletters are high-margin investments that, prior to the advent of blockchain technology, would be very difficult for small investors to ever participate in. The reality is that your average investor doesn't possess the funds to open a printing or research firm on their own.

Curzio Equity Owners seeks to change the status quo and provide small and medium investors access to this long-held exclusive market. The company allows investors to forgo the huge upfront costs of this business model and share in the profits.

Securitize with the Assist

In order to accomplish this task, Curzio Equity Owners recruited the help of Securitize. Securitize is one of the most recognized names in the token issuance sector. To date, the firm has issued over a $150 million in tokenized securities.

Curzio Equity Owners via Homepage

Curzio Equity Owners via Homepage

Speaking publicly, a company official explained the roles each firm agreed upon. Curzio agreed to take responsibility for the legal aspects of the STO. Basically, the company will handle the notification and regulatory requirements as part of this agreement.

For its part, Securitize will bear the technical workload. The firm will issue, monitor, trade, and program the CEO token. As part of the smart contract program, all regulatory requirements must be met before the token can be transferred. In this manner, Securitize ensures its tokens remain compliant on the secondary market.

CEO Token

STO participants will receive CEO tokens for their crypto. CEO tokens are to operate on the DS token protocol. This protocol is an ERC-20 variant that features advanced security protocols such as the compliance mechanisms tailored specifically for a given industry.


CEO tokens entitle the holder to equity in Curzio Research. Curzio Research is the actual analytical newsletter subsidiary for Curzio Equity Owners. Token holders receive quarterly dividends based on their equity holdings. Importantly, investors are paid out in the stable coin USDC.

The Road to Success

If Curzio Equity Owners sounds familiar its because they have received heavy media coverage including features on CNN, FOX Business, Forbes, and CNBC, to name a few. Additionally, the company has some impressive backing including North America's largest crypto exchange, Coinbase.

In the past, the company worked with numerous token launch platforms. These platforms include Overstock's tZERO ATS, Sharepost, and Open Finance Network. The company continues utilizing new technologies to further its goal to significantly improve the quality of analytical newsletters. Now, Securitize is a valuable partner that is sure to share some insight into the STO process.

Curzio Equity Owners – Securitize

Securitize continues to make wise strategic partnerships. This latest venture is sure to boost both firms positioning in their respective markets. You can expect to hear more from these firms as the STO enters stage 1 in the coming days.

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