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Polygon DAO Unveils Polygon Village as Network Expands its Suite of Scaling Solution



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The end of last week saw the Polygon network share updates on its scaling solution suite Polygon Avail. The network also revealed that its decentralized autonomous organization had debuted Polygon ecosystem-focused support for dApp developers.

Polygon DAO bootstraps Polygon Village to boost dApp development

Last Friday, the Polygon network announced Polygon Village, Polygon DAO's full-stack platform to foster an ecosystem where developers can evolve towards new heights to Buidl and Grow. The Polygon network has been keen on setting up a good backbone on which the Web3 space can be developed into the future. Among other initiatives, it has provided infrastructural support to developers.

Now, Polygon Village is the network's way of taking yet another giant step in the direction of the new iteration of the internet. The idea is to offer decentralized applications the best environments possible via hosting, talent hunting, API services, infrastructure, and audit support.

What devs should expect

Polygon devs who will be lucky to receive welcome vouchers will gain access to the best of Web3 service providers. Polygon intends to work with projects running on its blockchain, such as Tatum, to establish criteria for the eligibility to gain a voucher. The eligibles will get assistance in several areas as Polygon has included a wide array of service providers in areas such as audits, liquidity support, listing, hosting, and grants.

Sharing is growing!

Polygon Village will also give developers the chance to register for weekly talks that would offer educational forums by experts. The sessions would also review up-and-coming dApps and specific use cases.

There will also be a bounty board that would avail rewardable tasks to dApps, whose completion will mean incentives for developers, content experts, and marketers – all are allowed to participate. The rewards will be based on their level of expertise.

Notably, Polygon DAO's partners in this project would also gain access to the existing dApps on Polygon in a bid to boost the rates of adoption.

Polygon Avail: Polygon's new modular chain that solves the data availability problem

Arguably the most important Ethereum layer two scaling solution, Polygon has updated its arsenal of scaling tools with the launch of Polygon Avail. The mother network revealed in a tweet on April 6 that Polygon Avail was the newest member of its portfolio. It described it as part of its “modular suite of scaling solutions” built and intentioned for dApps and blockchains of any size.

Polygon's suite of scaling solutions

Unlike traditional blockchains, including Ethereum, Avalanche, and even the base Polygon chain, Polygon Avail would be discretely a ‘transaction ordering' standalone chain kept away from ‘anything validation.'

The trilemma of the monolithic blockchain

Polygon explained that the current monolithic blockchains are suffering from success, put simply. By this, the team meant that the chains are now prone to expensive blockspaces and difficulty participating in without high-end hardware. Both of these are factors against security and decentralization – the scalability trilemma.

To solve this predicament of scalability, Polygon Avail would embrace modularity and perform the data availing function of the blockchain. Modularity in itself is a concept that describes the separation of blockchain functionality into distinct chains. In effect, Polygon Avail would take away one of the functions (data availability) that would otherwise be bundled up as in a monolithic blockchain.

As a data availability blockchain, Avail would serve as an independent network under the larger Polygon roof. Its major help would be to enhance scalability and make transactions much faster.

How so? Well, the current networks store their data on externally-hosted servers, which makes the whole ordeal of verifying data for blockchain transactions quite consuming. However, being a data-specific chain, Avail orders and maintains transactions as available, thereby “allowing rollups settling to Ethereum to scale better,” Polygon co-founder Anurag Arjun told The Block.

Avail will be a platform on which developers can create and build their native chains and still retain autonomy (forking, upgrading, or other changes) over them. Further, Avail aims to construct a path towards true decentralization by providing the same security level to light clients and full nodes on the network.

Polygon confirmed via a blog post that the Avail testnet would come before the end of June. The network added that it would be sharing “more education, content, and tech deep-dives” with time. The blog post also teased that ‘something cool' is in the pipeline for Polygon Hermez.

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