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Top 5 Companies Offering Solutions to Increased Human Longevity

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Human longevity continues to improve year after year. This is largely due to our increasing understanding of the human body and how to develop and leverage technology to help it stay healthy.  While some approaches remain somewhat controversial, the following are a few examples of therapies that many feel can play an important role in continuing the trend.

  • Senolytics
  • Gene Editing
  • Light Therapy
  • Young Blood Transfusions

Below, we highlight some of the innovative companies leading the charge in developing such solutions and their approach to doing so.

Companies Increasing Longevity Through Innovation

While many companies worldwide provide access to potentially game-changing therapies, the list below concentrates on those publicly traded in North America, in no particular order.

*Figures provided below were accurate at the time of writing and are subject to change.  Any potential investor should verify metrics*

1. Unity Biotechnology

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Unity Biotechnology is a trailblazer in the biotechnology industry, focusing on developing therapeutics that address age-related diseases by targeting senescent cells.  These are cells that have stopped dividing and, instead of dying, accumulate in the body, secreting harmful chemicals that lead to inflammation and tissue damage, hallmarks of aging.

Unity's pioneering approach aims at selectively eliminating detrimental senescent cells to halt or reverse the impacts of aging on the body.  This unique strategy has positioned Unity Biotechnology at the forefront of longevity research, offering a novel avenue for potentially extending human healthspan and quality of life.

At the time of writing, UBX was listed by the majority of analysts as a ‘Strong Buy'.

2. MeiraGTx Holdings

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MeiraGTx Holdings is at the forefront of the gene therapy space, employing cutting-edge technologies to develop treatments for patients with severe genetic diseases, including those that are age-related.

This clinical-stage company is leveraging its robust gene therapy manufacturing capabilities and innovative gene-regulation platform to target a variety of conditions, from degenerative ocular diseases to Parkinson’s disease.  By focusing on the underlying genetic causes of these ailments, MeiraGTx aims to provide long-lasting and potentially curative treatments.

Its approach, which includes a pipeline featuring six clinical trial programs, embodies a significant shift towards addressing the genetic roots of aging and degenerative diseases, positioning MeiraGTx Holdings as a key player in the quest to improve human longevity.

At the time of writing, MGTX was listed by the majority of analysts as a ‘Strong Buy‘.

3. Lineage Cell Therapeutics

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Lineage Cell Therapeutics stands out in the field of regenerative medicine, harnessing the power of stem cell technology to innovate treatments for a wide range of degenerative diseases and injuries.

Its work is centered around developing therapies that can restore cell and tissue function lost due to age-related conditions.  With a focus on human embryonic stem cell and induced pluripotent stem cell technology, Lineage is pioneering treatments like OpRegen for advanced dry age-related macular degeneration, a leading cause of blindness in adults over 50.

Its approach not only targets specific diseases but also aims to broadly rejuvenate damaged tissues, offering a promising avenue towards mitigating the effects of aging and improving quality of life for those suffering from degenerative conditions.

At the time of writing, LCTX was listed by the majority of analysts as a ‘Strong Buy‘.

4. Longeveron

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Longeveron is a pioneering biotechnology firm deeply engaged in the development of regenerative medicines aimed at addressing some of the most challenging aging-related conditions, as well as life-threatening diseases.

At the heart of Longeveron's innovative approach is Lomecel-B, an allogeneic cell therapy product derived from the bone marrow of young adult donors.  This cutting-edge therapy encapsulates a broad spectrum of potential applications, targeting diseases across various areas, including cardiovascular, neurological, and metabolic disorders.

Longeveron's commitment to leveraging regenerative medicine principles to improve patient health and longevity is evident in its active pursuit of clinical programs focusing on conditions like hypoplastic left heart syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease, and the multifaceted syndrome of aging-related frailty.

Through its research and development, Longeveron stands at the forefront of a new era in medicine, where the regenerative capabilities of the human body are harnessed to extend life quality and span.

At the time of writing, LGVN was listed by the majority of analysts as a ‘Strong Buy‘.

5. Mesoblast

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Mesoblast is a biopharmaceutical company that has carved a niche for itself in the realm of regenerative medicine, focusing on innovative cellular therapies to treat severe diseases in which inflammation plays a central role.

Utilizing its proprietary mesenchymal lineage cell therapy technology, Mesoblast develops treatments aimed at modulating immune system activity, repairing tissue, and promoting the formation of new blood vessels.  Its approach targets a broad range of conditions, including heart disease, back pain, and inflammatory ailments, by harnessing the power of stem cells to provide regenerative solutions.

Mesoblast's pioneering work, particularly in advancing therapies through clinical trials, demonstrates its leading edge in utilizing regenerative medicine to improve patient outcomes in areas with significant unmet medical needs.

At the time of writing, MESO was listed by the majority of analysts as a ‘Buy'.

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