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Top 10 Crypto Movies of All Time

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Top Crypto Movies

Watching the top 10 crypto movies of all time is a great way to get a glimpse into different eras in the evolution of the decentralized economy. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have come a long way on their journey to becoming the future currencies of the people. Here are a few flicks that teach the audience, entertain, and capture iconic moments along crypto's evolution, ordered by release date.

 1. The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin” is an interesting origin story of the world's first cryptocurrency Bitcoin. This saga focuses on what Bitcoin is, what makes it different from other attempts at digital money, and its key members of the community. This movie made a splash when it debuted at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival.

The story comes from the perspective of computer programmer Daniel Mross and stars Daniel Mross, Eliza Mross, and Gabriel Sukenik. Notably, Mross also wrote and directed the piece. In 2014, Bitcoin was still a mystery to most people, and the community believed in many falsehoods regarding its capabilities, developers, and goals. The movie captures these sentiments and goes in-depth into the potential pros and cons of a digital currency becoming the global standard.

Another cool aspect of this movie is that it features Gavin Andresen. Andresen was pivotal in the Bitcoin community in these early days. During this time, he had direct correspondence with Satoshi Nakamoto on multiple occasions. Learn what was said and more by watching “The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

Source - Rise and Rise of Bitcoin
Source – Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

 2. Life on Bitcoin

The year is 2014, and a newly married couple, Austin and Beccy Craig, decide to delve deep into the crypto sphere. As part of their experimentation with digital currencies, they decide to live off of only Bitcoin for 100 days. That's the premise of “Life on Bitcoin”.

This delightful story perfectly captures the essence of cryptocurrencies and what they mean for people, society, and those seeking brighter futures. Follow this ambitious couple as they navigate the world using a barely heard digital coin called Bitcoin. See how they got around roadblocks to adoption long before crypto debit cards existed.

This story provides a peek into how far the industry has come since its early days. You can see the main concerns of crypto users at the time and get a glimpse of the hope that helped the market prevail all these years later. Life on Bitcoin is a love story that demonstrates the desire to see a better tomorrow.

The film was released in 2014 and stars Beccy Bingham, Austin M., and Craig Charlie Shrem. It was directed by Travis Pitcher and Joseph Lebaron. For those who want to learn about Bitcoin, its early limitations, and how it inspires hope, this is a great flick to watch.

 3. The Bitcoin Phenomenon

Another great documentary that helped put Bitcoin on the map in 2014 is “The Bitcoin Phenomenon”. This short documentary helps unravel the mysteries of blockchain technology at a time when it seemed too futuristic to grasp for many. “The Bitcoin Phenomenon” lays out, in easy-to-understand terms, what blockchain technology is and what makes it a better option.

The story explains the advantages of decentralization and how these networks can function with more efficiency. You will understand Bitcoin basics by the end of this piece, as the documentary features a series of interviews with market experts and blockchain pioneers. Gavin Andresen, a Bitcoin pioneer, speaks on the upending potential of the technology and how they knew it was something special from the start.

There are also interviews with Erik Voorhees, CEO of, and many others. If you have 40 minutes to spare and want a glimpse into the crypto market beginnings delivered from the perspective of market pioneers, “The Bitcoin phenomenon” is a smart choice. It's an easy watch and provides a ton of valuable info that's easily consumable for any level of crypto users.

 4. Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It

In 2015, “Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It” debuted. This movie takes you a step back before cryptocurrencies and evaluates the core concept of money, how it came to be, and its evolution from concept, through paper money onto the digital revolution.

The film doesn’t pull punches concerning the government's compliance in skewing the economic gains of the average person. It also touches on how the centralized economy has been and will remain controlled by a small circle of people who have no desire to spread the earth in a meaningful way.

The film's directors, Torsten Hoffmann and Michael Watchu Lonis, do a great job of highlighting the controversial nature of Bitcoin at this time. The movie stars a mix of industry professionals and actors, including John Barrett, Andreas M. Antonopoulos, and Jeffrey A. Tucker.

Gain valuable insight into the market and get the perspective of the people who helped build the industry. This movie doesn’t shy away from the intentionality of the financial system and how cryptocurrencies provide a better option for the average person.

 5. Banking on Bitcoin

Banking on Bitcoin” shows the maturity of the market versus the earlier titles. This documentary takes you behind the scenes to reveal how blockchains work, why Bitcoin is a game changer, and who created this revolutionary currency. Additionally, it delves into use-case scenarios for Bitcoin.

There are various interesting interviews with blockchain experts, key market pioneers, and even business owners who chose to accept Bitcoin before it was cool. The film emphasizes the philosophical impact of decentralized currencies on society and on a personal level, which makes it an interesting watch.

The director, Christopher Cannucciari, does an excellent job of demystifying Bitcoin and bringing the viewer into the debate. The film has interviews with a variety of professionals ranging from scientists and inventors to entrepreneurs and journalists. This unique perspective helps to paint a clear picture of the market at the time.

Banking on Bitcoin” touches on many of the industry's concerns. The film discusses the Silk Road, Mt.Gox, and other pivotal moments that could have caused the currency to falter. Those seeking an interesting documentary that touches on the core aspects of Bitcoin should check “Banking on Bitcoin”.

 6. Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution

“Magic Money” was released in 2017 following the crypto breakout year. As such, you can feel the difference in tone in this film. The excitement and sureness of the technology is evident as director, Tim Delmastro delves into its development and how it will change lives.

This video focuses on Bitcoin features and what makes blockchain technology a huge upgrade to the status quo. It will help anyone seeking to enter the blockchain space gain a firm understanding of how blockchain operates and the key components of decentralized networks.

There are interviews in this film with crypto legends. Some of these pioneers were featured in previous films. As such, you can see how their perspectives have altered and evolved based on the market conditions. For Example, Roger Ver was involved in the Bitcoin Cash hard fork debate at the time.

The movie stars Jeff Berwick, Trace Mayer, and Tone Vays, as well as key crypto professionals like Tone Vays and Trace Meyer. If you're looking to gain some perspective into the market after one of its greatest bull runs, this title is a great fit.

 7. Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain

Director Alex Winter takes on blockchain's evolution from Bitocin into a source of endless potential. This documentary is unique because it speaks on how blockchain tech can help solve many of the world's most pressing problems. There are points regarding using blockchain to stop hunger and income equality globally.

Trust Machine: The Story of Bitcoin” takes the concept of decentralization up a notch. The movie was funded and released on the blockchain. This marks a major milestone for the industry and shows how a decentralized economy can provide all aspects needed to expand.

Trust Machine” was released in 2018 and stars Rosario Dawson, Vinay Gupta, and Imogen Heap. There are interviews with activists, blockchain developers, and other key figures in the history of the market. For example, Tim Draper, a well-known VC, makes an appearance.

Trust Machine‘s decentralized approach and distribution make it the ideal example of innovation. The director does a great job of capturing the technology's momentum and getting users interested in joining the market. As such, it's a great addition to your Bitcoin movie collection.

 8. Bitcoin Big Bang – L’improbable épopée de Mark Karpelès

Mark Karpales is one the most controversial figures in the crypto world. As the CEO of MT.Gx, this individual oversaw one of the most influential exchanges and most spectacular failures in crypto history. “Bitcoin Big Bang” explores MT. Gox and everything that led to its demise.

Mt.Gox is one of the largest heists in crypto history. The exchange saw 850,000 BTC slowly drain from it before its subsequent bankruptcy. Authorities found the entire scenario suspicious, and the movie delves into how Mark Karpales was the main suspect in the heist. This tale puts you in the investigator's shoes, and Karpales and other key figures in the event are interviewed.

Notably, Karpales was released and was found to not be part of the heist that cost thousands of Bitcoin users their savings. Regardless, Mt.Gox was a powerhouse in the market. It controlled +80% of the Bitcoin trading volume during the hack. As such, this story takes you behind the scenes of the chaos and confusion that followed this massive hack.

Source - Crypto

Source – Crypto

 9. Crypto

Crypto” is a refreshing break from the documentary-style movies on this list. This entertaining crime thriller helps to introduce the mainstream to cryptocurrencies and their capabilities. Of course, it does the normal Hollywood thing and exaggerates some aspects of the tech. However, it still does a great job of bringing the technology to light.

Director John Stalberg Jr. and an all-star cast that includes Beau Knapp, Luke Hemsworth, and Alexis Bledel do a great job of building suspense. The movie centers around a bank employee tasked with anti-money laundering. In the film, he finds discrepancies in a client's account that lead to his dismissal.

The story weaves a tale of mystery as he slowly uncovers cryptocurrency and a plot to use it to conceal millions in funding. The story exaggerates a bit but it does shed some light on the fears anti-crypto groups have currently. As such, it's not a bad watch.

Crypto” gives some cool insight into blockchains and how they came about. Since the movie isn't focused on teaching, the lesson comes off as very casual and relatable. Catch a little entertainment and introduce some people to cryptocurrencies by watching this blockbuster.

10. Bitcoin Heist

Bitcoin Heist” is the most recent film on this list. Ham Tran directs it and the plot focuses on a team of master hackers. These hackers want to steal a Bitcoin bonanza, but the heist requires incredible skill. Like a true action comedy, there are quirky and excavating moments to pique your interest.

Bitcoin Heist” is another example of Bitcoin making its way into mainstream entertainment. The film's main character is a smooth hacker who tops the list of Interpol's most wanted. As such, he is always forced to stay one step ahead of his pursuers.

Bitcoin Heist” is a funny and entertaining film that could be the perfect way to introduce friends to crypto. It has quality production and decent acting. Additionally, it helps users understand the value of Bitcoin and why it should be stored safely.

Top 10 Crypto Movies

As the crypto market expands, there's going to be much more integration within the film industry. It's easy to see how blockchains could be used to improve the business model, distribution, and supply chain for the industry. However, it should also be noted how it adds to the storytelling aspects as well.

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