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Issuance partners with Prime Trust

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Issuance partners with Prime Trust

It was just announced by Issuance, that they have partnered with a financial institution. Known as Prime Trust, this company brings multiple capabilities to the table, greatly expanding the services offered through Issuance.

A shared vision brought on this alliance – foster growth within the securities sector. As a result, those utilizing the bridging services of Issuance, will have easy access to a variety of financial services as well.

It also comes as part of a recent string of developments on behalf of Issuance. Each development has expanded their access to new services through their growing ecosystem of partnerships.


Issuance was founded in 2018, and is based out of Los Angeles, California. The main purpose of the company is to act as a bridging platform. Above all, Issuance works to connect investors with appropriate digital securities issuers.

Issuance CEO, Darren Marble, spoke on the partnership with Prime Trust, stating, “The issue of trust and custody — how to safely store digital securities and other digital assets — has always been a weak point in the industry…Coming out of the ICO era, investors demand reliability, safety, and trust in the burgeoning digital securities space. We are honored to partner with Prime Trust to support the increasing demand for creative SEC-compliant fundraising solutions by both private and public companies.”

Issuance has recently found themselves on our radar as of late. Only last week, we were reporting on their newly established partnership with Vertalo. Between these two partnerships, Issuance is becoming a well-rounded, platform.

In addition to establishing new partnerships, Issuance plans to indeed ‘practice what they preach’. They have indicated that in the near future, they will be issuing digital securities of their own. It is expected that once released, these tokens will be available to trade on platforms such as OpenFinance Network.

Prime Trust

Prime Trust was founded in 2016, and is based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. The company brings various services to the table in their partnership with Issuance. For instance, Prime Trust offers custody solutions, processing services, and more. All while adhering to AML and KYC regulations.

Prime Trust CEO, Scott Purcell, commented on the partnership. He stated, “Our partnership with Issuance supports our mission of better serving the evolving demands of both capital markets and growing companies…While we help ensure our clients execute compliant offerings from the start, Issuance steps in to fill the critical role of advising companies on how to successfully access funding and by presenting investors with desired deal flow.”

This is not the first time that Prime Trust has made the news recently. In late August of 2018, the company announced a partnership with Polymath. That particular alliance would see Prime Trust provide custodial services for ST-20 tokens.