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Investing In Adventure Gold (AGLD) – Everything You Need to Know

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Adventure Gold (AGLD) is an open-source in-game currency for Loot NFT holders. The token provides users with the ability to vote on crucial upgrades and changes to the Loot ecosystem. Unlike most NFT-gaming assets, Loot doesn’t have a primary title that it services. Instead, Loot seeks to provide future-released games with a digital asset to integrate with ease. This strategy could save developers money and provide users with assets that hold more value than single title-based options.

Adventure Gold

Adventure Gold launched in September 2021 as the DeFi market was expanding rapidly. The protocol is the brainchild of Stanford University graduate, Will Papper. The Adventure Gold launch included an airdrop of 1,000 tokens to each Loot NFT owner as a reward for their participation in the project. Notably, Loot and Adventure Gold continue to garner investor attention. Even Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin’s endorsed the project via a social media shout-out.

Adventure Gold (AGLD) - Twitter

Adventure Gold (AGLD) – Twitter


To understand Adventure Gold, you first need to understand Loot. Loot is an open-sourced gaming project. The protocol integrates text-based randomized adventure gear that can be integrated into new gaming titles by developers. The goal of the project is to set a standard for projects built on Loot by offering them a currency for use in decentralized gaming.

The network launched with a collection of 8,000 unique bags of adventurer gear. The great included 8 items with each being designated for a different body part such as chest, foot, hand, head, neck, ring, and waist of an Adventurer. The final item in the bag was a weapon. Notably, Loot's development team purposely hid the scarcity and other value characteristics to enable users to determine the value of their NFTs via integrations and other factors.

Open Launch

The Loot launch was coordinated by Dom Hofmann via social media channels. The developers made the NFTs free to acquire with the only cost being gas. This strategy helped the protocol gain momentum as NFT collectors appreciated this approach. It also provided a higher level of transparency for collectors.

What Problems Does Adventure Gold Solve?

There are a lot of problems that Adventure Gold seeks to eliminate. For one, it gives regular Loot holders a say in the future development of the currency. AGLD enables the Loot community to participate in governance in an open and secure manner. They can create and vote on proposals using Snapshot. This community consensus helps ensure the project remains focused on the user experience overall.

Value Assessment

Another interesting issue that Loot and Adventure Gold tackle is value assessment. In many scenarios, the developers provide the value of the NFT to the community using an equation that takes into account demand and overall scarcity. Loot owners may assign value to their loot based on its use or other factors. Developers can create loot-based games to drive token values up as well.

Unheard Investors

When someone invests in the stock market, they have no chance of communicating their ideas to the companies they invest in. There are no board meetings that take into account the desires of small investors. As such, investors are at the mercy of these firms and their managerial process and decision. Either they agree and continue investing or they give up exposure to the asset and leave the investment.

Adventure Gold (AGLD) Powered Projects

Adventure Gold (AGLD) Powered Projects

Community governance systems like Adventure Gold help to bring investment communities and developers together in a seamless manner. These systems leverage the power of consensus to enable real-time voting on issues. Unlike when you invest in a stock market, community governance systems ensure that your voice is heard and your ideas put before the community vote.

Benefits of Adventure Gold (AGLD)

There are a lot of benefits that Adventure Gold brings to the market. For one, it's an open-source protocol. This designation means that anyone can review it for bugs or security issues. Also, it enables developers to build on the Loot protocol and integrate third-party applications in a secure and seamless manner. This open approach makes Loot a prime candidate for use as future in-game credits or other projects.

How Does Adventure Gold (AGLD) Work

Adventure Gold is an Ethereum-based protocol. Ethereum is the largest DeFi and Dapp network in the world at this time. It has a proven track record of security. Additionally, the Adventure Gold system operates as pure code, meaning that there are no centralized parties to block or censor users. There are zero gatekeepers.

All AGLD token holders can put forth proposals regarding changes to the system, protocol, minting, and more. These features can be set up to take immediate effect once approved by the community. The community chest can be used to help these projects take flight. Additionally, community resources such as developer tools and support are all reserved for those interested in expanding the Adventure Gold community.

AGLD - CoinGecko

AGLD – CoinGecko


AGLD is the main governance token of the protocol. Users stake this token to put forth their votes and proposals. Notably, AGLD lives on the Ethereum mainnet. As such, it enjoys full interoperability within the Ethereum ecosystem. AGLD is primarily used for voting purposes but it can serve as a means to transfer value internationally in a frictionless and permissionless manner.

How to Buy Adventure Gold (AGLD)

Adventure Gold (AGLD) is available on the following exchanges:

Uphold – This is one of the top exchanges for United States & UK residents that offers a wide range of cryptocurrencies. Germany & Netherlands are prohibited.

Kraken – Founded in 2011, Kraken is one of the most trusted names in the industry with over 9,000,000 users, and over $207 billion in quarterly trading volume.

The exchange offers trading access to over 190 countries including Australia, Canada, Europe.  While Kraken accepts residents of the United States (Excluding New York & Washington state), Adventure Gold (AGLD) is restricted.

Uphold Disclaimer: Terms Apply. Cryptoassets are highly volatile. Your capital is at risk. Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Adventure Gold – The Rise of Governance Tokens

Projects like Adventure Gold and Loot demonstrate how developers have changed their approach. Instead of attempting to build protocols to host new currencies, they are now building the cryptos first. This strategy makes more sense because it enables developers to create more immersive and value-based games. You could see Adventure Gold become a governance system for other games as more Loot NFTs see integration into the market. Already, the Loot ecosystem includes a variety of projects and designers. For these reasons, and more, you can expect the Adventure Gold (AGLD) project to remain an interesting topic for gamers and investors moving forward.

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