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Fundament Group Receives Strategic Investment from Bauwens Group

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Investing in the Future

Bauwens Group, a German based real estate developer, has announced that they have invested in Fundament Group.

With Fundament Group looking to change the way real estate projects are financed, through the implementation of blockchain technologies, they caught the eye of Bauwens Group. The latter has recognized the potential cost savings, and ease of access to capital, that blockchain can offer.

Real estate continues to be a popular implementation for the tokenization of assets, and the entrance of a giant developer such as Bauwens Group continues to support this.

Building Momentum

The investment in Fundament by Bauwens is just the latest in a recent string of positive news surrounding the company.

We recently covered Fundament Group, and their approval by BaFin, for an upcoming STO involving German real estate. The following article discusses this in greater detail.

Fundament Group to Issue €250M in Security Tokens backed by German Real Estate


Upon making their announcement, Alexander Jacobi, Managing Director at Bauwens, took the time to comment on the investment. The following is what he had to say on the matter.

“We are delighted to announce this partnership with Fundament Group which recently achieved a decisive breakthrough in Germany by securing the first regulated tokenized real estate bond. The Fundament Real Estate Token is an extremely interesting option for selling our real estate and we are proud to support them with our real estate and digitization expertise. By partnering with Fundament Group, Bauwens is positioning itself sustainably in the emerging real estate tokenization market.”

German Regulators

One of the reasons that Germany has started to become popular for developments, such as the one discussed here today, is clarity afforded to industry participants by their regulators. The following article takes a look at some of the steps necessary for getting regulatory approval for a German based STO.

How to Get and STO Approved by German Regulators

Fundament Group

This Berlin, Germany, based company was founded in 2018. Since launch, the team at Fundament Group have worked to create a comprehensive platform tailored towards the tokenisation of assets, such as real estate.

CEO, Thomas Ermel, currently oversees company operations.

Bauwens Group

With almost 400 employees, and billions worth of real estate under their management, Bauwens Group represents one of the largest real estate developers in Germany. The company has grown to such stature since their founding almost 150 years ago in 1873.

In Other News

To date, Germany has continued to be one of the more forward thinking countries with regards to digital securities. This has been made apparent through parties from various sectors showing interest in blockchain. This includes, not only real estate, but big banks as well, with the following articles demonstrating this.

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