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Boerse Stuttgart Launches Digital Exchange

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Boerse Stuttgart Digital Exchange

On a positive note, one of the largest banks in Germany has recently announced the launch of their own digital exchange. Boerse Stuttgart Digital Exchange (BSDEX) has opened its doors as a regulatory compliant offering, bringing clients access to a variety of assets.

With licensure obtained by regulatory body, BaFin, this new exchange looks to soon support secondary markets for tokenized assets. This includes a variety of digital securities, built around markets such as real-estate, investment funds, debt financing, and more.

Similar Offerings

While the announcement of this new exchange is a definite positive, Boerse Stuttgart are not the only ones attempting to do this. The following companies are, both, in varying stages of offering clients access to digital securities exchanges.

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Indefinite Suspension

While things may be going well for the likes of Boerse Stuttgart and others, there are those that have been negatively impacted by industry conditions – One such victim being ‘Extauri’.

Extauri was to be a Liechtenstein based digital exchange, which supported the trading of digital securities. Due to various issues, the team decided to indefinitely postpone the launch of the anticipated exchange.


Upon announcing the launch of their digital exchange, multiple representatives from Boerse Stuttgart took the time to comment. The following is what each had to say on the matter.

Dr. Dirk Sturz, CEO of Boerse Stuttgart Digital Exchange, stated,

“The market in cryptocurrencies is worth billions, and more digital assets will emerge on the basis of blockchain. Our goal is to build up the leading European trading venue for those assets.”

Peter Großkopf, CTO of Boerse Stuttgart Digital Exchange, stated,

“BSDEX will give retail and institutional investors direct access to digital assets and provide flexible and relatively low-cost trading. We believe blockchain is set to bring about significant changes in the financial industry, and we want to leverage its potential to create the trading venue of the future.”

Boerse Stuttgart Digital Exchange

Launched in 2019, Boerse Stuttgart Digital Exchange is a subsidiary of Boerse Stuttgart. The company operates out of Stuttgart, Germany, and was built with the goal of creating an ‘end-to-end ecosystem for digital assets’.

CEO, Dr. Dirk Sturz, currently oversees company operations.


This regulatory body is based out of Germany, where they are tasked with supervising various sectors. These include, but are not limited to, financial services, banks, insurance companies, and more.

In Other News

With BaFin being responsible for the greenlight given to Boerse Stuttgart Digital Exchange, is makes sense to look at a few other recent events made possible by the regulatory body.

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