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SWARM Announces Swarm Capital Service Provider Platform

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Swarm Capital

Swarm, a U.S. based service provider for the digital securities sector, has just announced the launch of ‘Swarm Capital’.

Swarm Capital, which is built upon the Swarm Protocol, is described as a modular platform which ‘puts the full power of digital securities on the blockchain into the hands of issuers and service firms’.

The company indicates that while Swarm Network continues to be a non-profit, Swarm Capital will look to offer more comprehensive and premium services. Swarm Capital will continue to make use of various Swarm solutions, such as their specialized SRC-20 standard, as well as their Market Access Protocol.


Swarm Capital indicates that the first product to be launched through the service will be known as ‘EarlyBird’.

Despite just being launched, this product has already seen industry adoption by multiple companies. The product works to provide its users (potential token issuers) with a look at market interest in their potential offering, before a token generation event is undertaken.


In their announcement, the Swarm team took the time to elaborate on the need for a platform such as Swam Capital. The following is what they had to say on the matter.

“As SWARM has been delivering on its promise to build an open source protocol while operating as a non-profit, we have consistently seen demand from issuers and other market participants for a service layer that would conveniently allow them to interact with the protocol layer. There has also been an obvious need for seamless integrations with other tools required within the digital security value chain. We realized that the best way to meet customers is with a dedicated entity that can demonstrate the power and flexibility of the SWARM Protocol, as well as enable its customers to use it as a foundation for building their businesses. For us, this is the natural next step to creating adoption for digital securities.”


Launched in 2018, Swarm is a U.S. based company which specializes in asset tokenization. Their efforts have resulted in the formation of various partnerships and developed technologies. To date, Swarm remains one of the few platforms to successfully assist in multiple STOs/DSOs.

Cofounders, Philipp Pieper and Timo Lehes, currently oversee company operations.

In Other News

While we have covered Swarm on various occasions, one of our most recent articles touched on the launch of Swarm 2.0. The following article looks at this, the company as a whole, and their ongoing mission.

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