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Dollar Weakness Continues in Forex Market Despite Positives




  • GBP Gains on USD Despite Huge Employment Drop
  • Hopes Build For Airline Bailout as Stocks Surge
  • Putin Claims Russian Victory in Vaccine Race

Even after revealing the largest quarterly employment drop in more than a decade, the GBP forex market managed to continue gaining ground on a US Dollar displaying weakness. More than 94,000 new unemployment claims were lodged in the UK for July alongside the employment drop. The currency weakness though has not negatively impacted Wall Street as stocks push for an eighth consecutive day of gains. It has also been widely reported that Russian leader Vladimir Putin has claimed his country to have developed the first coronavirus vaccine, with his daughter being among the initial recipients.

10-Year Record Employment Drop in UK

Employment numbers in the UK have seen their largest quarterly drop since 2009. This comes as the figures show there are 220,000 less people in employment than the previous quarter. The number of people in receipt of unemployment benefit has also seen a sharp rise of more than 100% over the same period, standing at 2.7 million people. The overall unemployment rate stands at 3.9% though this is not reflective of the situation on the ground where millions remain backed by government fiscal measures.

Still these dire numbers have not taken a toll on the Pound to date. This is due to an ongoing combination of US Dollar weakness combined with a prevailing optimism from the Bank of England that they will continue to support the economy if is encounters another stumbling block. Those forex trading the may also be buoyed by a renewed positive push on Wall Street which has pushed many away from the safety of the US Dollar.

Possible Bailout Helps Airline Stocks to Soar

Despite still being down record numbers, the fact that the TSA has clocked air travel at its highest rate since March was good enough for airline stocks to rise strongly in trading on Monday. This is a positive sign of a return to some degree of normality for a sector which has been hugely hampered by COVID-19.

Forex brokers were not the only ones to note strong activity in certain markets. Stock traders continued to push flagging airline stocks back up yesterday as support continued to grow for a new stimulus package to help the industry in the amount of $25 billion in federal payroll backing for airlines.

Russia Declares Successful Virus Vaccine Development

Despite some skepticism, Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced that the country has successfully developed the world’s first coronavirus vaccine. With many countries racing through trials to develop a vaccine, this would be a landmark achievement for Moscow.

He has also reported that one of his daughters has successfully received the vaccine. There are plans for mass vaccination to begin early next year. There are still widespread concerns that the virus may not have been fully tested, but the news is sure to stir a global reaction as markets on Wall Street open in search of another success day with futures trading positively.

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