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CityBlock to Host Digital Security Offering through SharesPost

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Digital Security Token Sale

As expectations and excitement for the burgeoning digital securities sector continues to build, it is important for those building infrastructure to deliver.

Today, SharesPost didn’t disappoint. CityBlock Capital announced they have chosen the SharesPost to facilitate an upcoming Digital Security Offering (DSO).

This DSO will see investors given the opportunity to become shareholders in a VC fund targeted primarily at early-stage firms in the New York area.

As a result, by choosing to tap into SharesPost’s extensive network, CityBlock Capital will gain access to over 50,000 accredited investors of varying ilk.


Representatives from each company spoke on this development in their press release.

Robert Nance, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of CityBlock Capital, stated,

“The NYCQ Fund is intended to provide accredited investors with diversified access to blockchain infrastructure investments normally accessible only by institutional investors. CityBlock Capital believes that blockchain technology will deliver a much-needed modernization of the current financial system. SharesPost’s blockchain expertise, world-class technology platform, and global visibility and reach made it an obvious choice for CityBlock Capital.”

Greg Brogger, CEO and Founder of SharesPost, stated,

“We see a great opportunity for the investors in our marketplace to participate in this next wave of disruption and innovation in the financial services industry. We are also excited to be at the forefront of tokenizing traditional assets like venture capital funds.”

Brogger continued,

“We will continue to provide token issuers with a complete capital markets solution that includes primary issuance, secondary trading, and the investor relations tools to tell their story to the investment community.”

CityBlock Capital

CityBlock Capital is based out of San Francisco, like many other blockchain related companies. Since being founded in 2018, the company has worked to provide global investors the opportunity for growth through tokenized VC funds.


SharesPost is also based out of San Francisco, and was founded in 2009.  They have since grown to offer various services. For example, these include playing the role of an SEC registered broker/dealer, providing an ATS, and more. In this time, the company has gone on to become a leader in secondary market solutions.

Under current CEO, John Wu, SharesPost has stated that their goal is to ‘be the leading liquidity solutions provider for digital asset investors and issuers’.

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