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Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) Prepares Blockchain Clearing System Launch

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ASX to Launch Blockchain Clearing System

This week, executives from the Australian Securities Exchange ASX made some encouraging statements regarding the firm's shift towards blockchain technology. The company has spent several years contemplating how to best upgrade its current outdated clearing and settlement system – CHESS. Now, thanks to a team of ingenuitive developers, the entire Australian securities market will now enjoy more efficiency, transparency, and security.

Importantly, ASX was one of the first major securities firms to embrace blockchain technology in the country. Over the last few years, the company shifted its attention to tokenization and security tokens. These technologies are far more efficient than the current business systems in place.

ASX Upgrade

Discussing the upgrade in a recent interview, ASX CEO, Dominic Stevens described the excitement surrounding the entire project. He explained how the new system provides the entire industry with a more streamlined alternative. Specifically, Stevens touted the improved clearing and settlement times the system boasts.

Traditionally, clearing and settlement can take upwards to a week to complete. This delay is due to the involvement of a host of third-party verification systems. All of which add to the total costs of the transaction. In comparison, tokenized securities can settle in hours because they operate in a trustless manner that requires no other verification.

ASX CEO, Dominic Stevens via Financial Times

ASX CEO, Dominic Stevens via Financial Times

Stevens also spoke on the power of risk management and process automation that the new system brings to the market. In terms of risk management, security tokens create liquidity in the sector. As such, this liquidity provides investors with more options. Additionally, smart contracts provide issuers with the ability to integrate certain processes and regulatory requirements directly into a token's protocol.

Strategic Partnerships

In order to create a new clearing system that could accomplish all the required tasks, ASX made a strategic partnership with the US-based firm Digital Asset (DA). For its part, DA agreed to create and manage the blockchain underpinnings of the platform.

DA is a blockchain infrastructure provider that serves enterprise-level clientele. The firm is well-recognized in the sector. Previously, DA made global headlines after the firm secured $35 million in Series C financing from ASX in December 2019. Today, you can see that funding went to good use.

ASX Prepares to Launch New System

According to company documentation, ASX seeks to begin industry testing as early as July 2020. Unfortunately, the firm provided no additional information as to exactly how, and who would participate, in the new system's launch.

Australia Blockchain

The land down under continues to shine in the blockchain realm. Ever since government officials proclaimed cryptocurrency legal way back in 2017, the entire industry has experienced growth. Today, Australia holds the registration to 312 exchanges.

ASX – Taking the Australian Blockchain Market to New Heights

This latest news is sure to spark the interests of securities firms globally. Many of these firms have been on the fence regarding blockchain integration. For now, ASX is set to take a leading role in the global market pending a successful launch of its new clearing system.

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