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Zilliqa Launches SDKs to Connect Game Developers with Web3



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Zilliqa is launching Software Developer Kits (SDKs) to make it easy for game developers to venture into Web3. The launch of Zilliqa's SDKs will be headed by the Head of Gaming Technology at the company, Valentin Cobelea.

The first phase of this project will enable Unity 3D developers to access the Zilliqa blockchain. This will happen through UnitySDK. Through this move, Zilliqa plans to develop an easy-to-use gaming ecosystem geared toward Web3 development.

Zilliqa launches SDK tool

The Zilliqa metaverse was launched earlier this year. The metaverse as a service platform dubbed Metapolis is one of the major initiatives taken by the blockchain company to support Web3 development.

The Metapolis metaverse was launched alongside a commitment that the company would also integrate Unity, Unreal Engine and Nvidia Omniverse. Unity is one of the largest game engines globally. Some of the popular games launched on the platform include Pokemon Go, Fall Guys and Among Us.

The recent announcement that Zilliqa will have an official SDK that connects to Unity 3D shows that the blockchain is committed to bringing game developers into the Web3 world. SDKs are a set of tools combined in one single package. The objective of the tools is to streamline the development process. The Unity 3D SDKs are the first among the series of Zilliqa SDKs expected to be launched.

Regarding this development, Zilliqa further added that the objective was “to develop a set of SDKs to lay the foundation for a wider gaming ecosystem with Zilliqa and to enable these projects to integrate within Metapolis.”

Zilliqa's venture into Web3

Zilliqa is one of the blockchains with a strong commitment to the Web3 sector. The blockchain has made several initiatives geared towards supporting developers that want to access the Web3 sector.

The release of SDKs is a strategic step toward making Zilliqa the ideal blockchain for Web3 development. The goal of these tools is to go beyond supporting new developers within the Zilliqa ecosystem. These tools will support games developed on other blockchains and integrate them with the Zilliqa network. This process will create a multichain system that will trigger broader adoption of Web3.

Zilliqa has shown great commitment to Web3 gaming. The gaming division at Zilliqa is headed by Cobelea. Cobelea is a veteran in the blockchain gaming sector, and he has more than two years of experience working in AAA game development studios.

The Zilliqa gaming team is committed to increasing the adoption of Web3 games. The current progress of Unity 3D SDKs can be accessed publicly through GitHub. The latest release of these SDKs includes offering support for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) through version 2.1.

The Zilliqa network has shown commitment to boosting its offerings, and it added that “more features will be added in time to come as our development team expands with the addition of more top-level, senior staff with extensive experience in Unity3D internals and blockchain topics.”

Zilliqa SDKs also provide a wide range of benefits to developers. It supports a wide range of tools, and they come with the documentation needed to facilitate developers in growing within the ecosystem.

Web3 gaming is different from the traditional gaming system. In Web3 gaming, the game is connected on blockchain for verification purposes. The efficiency and speed of the transactions affect gameplay if they cannot maintain the game engine's speed.

One of the major challenges in developing streamlined gaming experiences within Web3 is the lag between the input and blockchain transaction confirmation. The Zilliqa blockchain can process up to 2500 transactions per second by integrating sharding, making it the ideal platform for those who want to venture into Web3.

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