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US Capital Global Securities to Act as Placement Agent in CityBlock DSO

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$10 million Fund

In a new round of funding, CityBlock Capital is making $10 million worth of equity in their NYCQ Fund available to investors. This sale is being facilitated through placement agent, US Capital Global Securities.

The NYCQ fund provides global investors with exposure to the New York real estate market. This is done by selling digital securities representing fractionalized ownership in the fund, which is backed by strategic real estate purchases. Investors benefit, not only through the profits seen due to increasing property values, but through increased liquidity as well.

Naturally, as the tokens to be distributed represent equity in the form of a digital security, the investment opportunity is currently open to only accredited investors.

This is not the first time that CityBlock Capital has taken part in a digital securities offering. In February, 2019, CityBlock Capital announced that a similar event would be hosted through SharesPost.

The Portfolio

In addition to facilitating the $10 million offering on behalf of the NYCQ fund, US Capital Global Securities has gained exposure, themselves, by including the fund within their own portfolio. This places the fund alongside other investments such as the following noteworthy companies.

Competing Funds

US Capital Global Securities is not the only company to note the high-potential of the blockchain industry. The following companies have also built funds tailored around companies developing products and services furthering blockchain.


US Capital Global Securities CEO, Charles Towle, took the time to speak on what this offering affords investors. He stated,

“Combining low minimum investment amounts and early liquidity opportunities, the Fund gives accredited investors access to blockchain infrastructure investments normally available to institutional investors…Our firm is keen to back forward-thinking strategies at the frontline of the digital market era. The opportunity to participate in this $10 million equity investment in the Fund is still open to eligible investors.”

CityBlock Capital

Headquartered in San Francisco, CityBlock Capital was launched in 2018. The company works to provide investors with access to tokenized VC funds, such as the one discussed here today.

Cofounder and Managing Partner, Robert Nance, currently oversees company operations.

US Capital Global Securities

US Capital Global Securities is an affiliate of ‘mother company’ US Capital Global. Headquartered in San Francisco, US Capital Global was founded in 1998. Above all, the company acts as a private investment bank, offering products facilitate with innovated FinTech solutions.

Chairman and CEO, Jeffrey Sweeney, currently oversees company operations of US Capital Global, while operations at US Capital Global Securities are overseen by CEO, Charles Towle.

In Other News

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