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Top 13 Altcoins with Low Market Cap and High Potential to Keep an Eye on

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The crypto market has officially hit 19,500 active cryptos at the time of writing, May 19th, 2022. In other words, there are nearly 20,000 cryptocurrencies to choose from, and investors’ job is to find the best one to buy now and profit from them later on.

The best way to go about it would, of course, be to invest in low market cap altcoins and watch as their cap and price grow together, with you among their early investors, and therefore in the best position to profit from them. The difficult part is identifying the coins that have that potential. This is why we selected as many as 13 altcoins that show great promise, and are about to present them to you right now.

1. Nexus

To start off, we have Nexus (NXS), which is a community-driven project that has a common vision of a world inspired by responsible, innovative values, expansive technology, as well as the fundamental quality of connection being free, ubiquitous, and available to everyone.

It is an altcoin that perfectly presents everything that the crypto industry itself stands for, and its platform was created to simplify lives, empower communities, but also streamline the business. The project features a technology called Signature Chains, which means that it uses post-quantum signature schemes and automated key management functions to eliminate key management issues. In other words, it allows users to access their accounts by using usernames, passwords, and PINs, simply for the sake of simplicity and making crypto more accessible.

2. Waltonchain

Next, we have a token called Waltonchain (WTC), which is creating a new ecosystem that aims to meld blockchain, IoT, and RFID technology. The project and its team are focused on the development and production of Transaction ID-reading RFID chips, which are capable of generating their own, completely random ID hashes.

The hashes are then uploaded simultaneously to the blockchain through an RFID reader, which translates to enhanced operational efficiency, particularly when it comes to things like supply chain use cases. Some examples include high-end clothing identification, logistics tracking, as well as traceability of things like food and drugs.

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3. Grin

In the third spot, we have a project called Grin (GRIN). This is a rather minimalistic, lightweight digital currency implemented on the Mimblewimble protocol, created to deliver a unique balance of scalability and privacy.

The project differs from others in a number of ways. For example, there are no addresses or amounts on its chain, nor is there the need to store data of spent outposts. The project is fully decentralized, and its development is funded by donations and voluntary contributors. Everyone is free to discuss, influence, or contribute to its development. It is a fun, interesting token that deserves a look over.

4. Dora Factory

Next up, we have a cryptocurrency called Dora Factory (DORA), which is a programmable, multi-chain DAO-as-a-Service open infrastructure running on Substrate. The project features some unique schemes, including bonding curve fundraising, quadratic voting, and other interesting features regarding the governance process.

Developers can approach the project and use its infrastructure to build pallets, and then be rewarded in a SaaS model after the DAOs launch on Dora Factory.

5. Shyft Network

Moving on to our fifth entry, we have Shyft Network (SHFT), which is a project created for aggregating, verifying, and validating data stored in private and public ecosystems alike. The project turns raw data into meaningful information, and it does this by bridging siloed datasets. In doing so, the network’s goal is to instill trust in data and to create a reliable level of transactions for the public sector.

The developers’ idea is to build an easy-to-use, secure platform for KYC and AML identification and user certification. This can guarantee the safety of data, reduce the cost of storage, boost efficiency, and more. The project also encourages clients to add context to the data, which can help build authentic digital structures of reputation, creditworthiness, and identity.


Next, we have a project called BOSAGORA (BOA), which wishes to create a decentralized, censorship-resistant platform for stakers, where they will be able to decide which projects to support using a democratic decision-making process. The project wishes to offer a system that would be truly democratic, legitimate, fair, transparent, and yet efficient at the same time.

Its long-term goal is to create a better world using blockchain technology as a project enabler. In other words, it wishes to be a platform where people will come in order to make a decision and to ensure that that decision will be reliable, trustworthy, and real.

7. DeFine

Halfway down the list, we have a project called DeFine (DFA), which is actually an NFT platform. In fact, it is a social NFT platform that welcomes everyone, including musicians, artists, athletes, influencers, and also gamers. The platform was created to facilitate social interaction, communication, and engagement for creators and their fanbases with digital assets such as NFTs and fan tokens.

It also wishes to enable a number of benefits for social/fan token holders, like special accessto NFTs, content, exclusive merchandise, and alike. In other words, it wishes to reward being a part of a private community.

8. Dego Finance

In the eighth spot, we have Dego Finance (DEGO), which is a project that offers diverse combinations of NFT and DeFi tools. It also provides access to an open, independent NFT ecosystem that allows any user to launch their own non-fungible tokens and initiate mining, trading, auctions, and more.

The project’s platform is enough to cover the entire life cycle of the product, covering each segment of it. Plus, its protocol is a cross-chain, second-layer infrastructure that can be leveraged for user acquisition and token distribution.

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9. MileVerse

Moving on to number nine, we have MileVerse, which is an interesting project that offers a mileage exchange and integrated payment platform, which applies blockchain technology. The project uses blockchain to build an integrated mileage ecosystem that allows everyone to benefit, from customers to corporations, affiliated stores, and pretty much everyone else.

The project wishes to create an entire ecosystem of mileage services, and serve as an integrated mileage payment platform that offers a service for customers to use at affiliated stores, and exchange mileage that has not been used and has expired for the firm’s own currency, MVP

10. Crypterium

Moving on to our tenth entry, we have Crypterium (CRPT). This is an interesting project that is creating a mobile app that will allow users to spend cryptocurrency on a daily basis and in everyday-life situations. With the app, users can trade digital coins and tokens, top up their phones, order a global crypto card, and even create savings accounts.

The project wishes to make cryptocurrency a lot more useful to people, and in doing so, to give it additional use cases and boost adoption as a result. Cryptocurrencies are already faster and cheaper to use than traditional finance solutions, and all it needs is a quick and easy way to be used.

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11. Zebec Protocol

Moving on, we have Zebec Protocol (ZBC), which is a continuous settlement protocol created to transform cash flow, payroll, and token vesting, by allowing people to send money and distributions each second. The project is quite revolutionary, as it is the world’s first blockchain-based payroll product, featuring full tax withholding that was already built into it.

The project also offers the first debit card for Solana-based wallets, granting the chain and the project itself another highly useful feature. Both Solana and Zebec Protocol will therefore have a new edge against competitors, and a new feature to attract users with.

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12. Gifto

Nearing the end of our list, we have a project called Gifto (GTO), which is the first application token from 2017. The project was launched on Binance Launchpad, and since it went live, it released a number of innovations, such as the largest crypto wallet meant for mass market use, or its blockchain game, which dominates the industry with the highest active user count.

In other words, Gifto focuses on releasing mass consumer applications, seeking to boost adoption and create products that the entire crypto industry will be able to enjoy.

13. PowerPool

Finally, the last on our list is a DAO manager and non-custodial structured investments project PowerPool (CVP). The project offers a broadly-diversified, reward-rich, actively-managed multi-chain, and gas-efficient family of thematic pooled investment tokens, featuring hedging options that are easily blended by average investors.

In other words, it allows investors to access bullish, bearish, as well as neutral crypto investment strategies through different tokens that represent funds that use different strategies to allow investors to earn, depending on the market situation. As such, the project has a pool for every occasion, which is very much needed in the ever-shifting, volatile crypto market.


The list above consists of highly diverse projects, each of which has great potential and a number of reasons why investors are attracted to them. However, they are all still low-cap coins and tokens, although this might not be the case for long. If you find any of the projects interesting, research it in-depth, and if you still like what you see, consider investing before the market cap and the price of the project skyrocket.

Ali is a freelance writer covering the cryptocurrency markets and the blockchain industry. He has 8 years of experience writing about cryptocurrencies, technology, and trading. His work can be found in various high-profile investment sites including CCN,, Bitcoinist, and NewsBTC.