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TokenSoft Brings Security Tokens to Tezos

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Official Tezos Support

Today, TokenSoft has announced the immediate support for the Tezos blockchain. This means that clients utilizing the digital security issuance services offered by TokenSoft, will have the option of choosing Tezos when minting their tokens.

This support marks a growing trend in which companies are beginning to branch out in their use of issuance blockchains. While many utilize Ethereum, alone, recent months have seen the adoption of varying protocols, including stellar, NEO, and now Tezos.

Points of Note

TokenSoft has noted various attributes of the Tezos blockchain that led to their decision for integrating its support.

  • Smart Contracts
    • Custom smart contracts, facilitating the minting and distribution of digital securities is supported.
  • Custody
    • An oft-noted area in need of growth, the act of custody is addressed by offering its clients access to solutions, eliminating the need for cold storage.
  • Compliance
    • Key to the issuance of digital securities is the compliance to regulations. Tezos allows for these measures to be implanted with ease.
  • Growth
    • The governance model implemented by Tezos will allow for stakeholders to efficiently implement future innovations to the network. This will ensure continued growth and versatility of the protocol.


TokenSoft CEO, Mason Borda, took the time to comment on this development. The following is what he had to say on the matter.

“We first started working with the Tezos blockchain over a year ago, we’re excited to take our services to the next level…With the introduction of the Tezos multi-signature and FA1.2 smart contracts, we now have the key ingredients to provide our institutional grade services on the Tezos blockchain.”


TokenSoft is a San Francisco based company, which was founded in 2017. The goal of the team working at TokenSoft, is to develop solutions supporting the compliant issuance of digital assets on blockchain.

Along their path, TokenSoft has established themselves as a leader, with regards to the digital securities sector. Their suite of services allow for, not only the issuance of digital securities, but their ongoing management as well.

Company operations are currently overseen by CEO, Mason Borda.


Tezos is a blockchain protocol, which is most often associated with billionaire, Tim Draper. The versatility of this ‘self-amending crypto ledger’, has allowed for adoption of the project.

Beyond the aforementioned attributes that led to TokenSoft adopting Tezos, the latter has noted 3 main attributes setting themselves apart from the pack of protocols.

  • On chain governance
    • Stakeholder input allowed, steering path of protocol development
  • Security measures
    • Formal verification supported
  • Proof of Stake
    • Allows for efficient network growth by incentivising transaction validation through rewards

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