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The Sandbox Teams Up with Samyang AANI to Build Symyang Foods LAND

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According to a recent announcement that The Sandbox posted on Twitter, the metaverse project is teaming up with Samyang AANI, which is a media commerce affiliate of Samyang Foods. The two intend to use The Sandbox’s metaverse to launch Samyang Foods LAND.

A new partnership strengthens the metaverse in Korea

It has been over eight months since the metaverse sector exploded, and in this fairly short period, the sector has seen an impressive amount of progress. The number of projects that emerged fueled by the trend alone is highly impressive, let alone the advancements that each individual project has seen. Now, projects are even partnering up to work on their creations together and come up with new and improved products.

The team-up between The Sandbox and Samyang AANI is clear evidence of that, and the new collaboration will offer an interactive service for The Sandbox users. Not only that, but it will also bring a new NFT collection of Samyang Foods brand and content IP in their LAND.

As for Samyang AANI, it is an affiliate of Samyang Foods, and as such, it is in charge of the company’s intellectual property rights, NFT businesses, and the content-related metaverse. Right now, it is also expanding to online sales, by targeting the newer generations globally. This is strengthening the firm’s e-commerce business, allowing it to be even more effective when it comes to targeting the global market using the internet.

The partners’ vision

Cindy Lee, the CEO of The Sandbox Korea, said that the project is very excited about the partnership with Samyang. Samyang has existed as one of the most popular food brands in Korea for a long time, and so this partnership will bring a lot of attention to The Sandbox itself in the country.

Furthermore, Samyang is currently leading the global food trend using the development of hit products that exploded around the world, such as Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen. Cindy Lee added that this partnership will bring an example of a new type of collaboration — a team-up between a metaverse and a food brand, which will provide new experiences, unlike anything seen before.

Samyang AANI’s COO, Jaden Kang, also commented on the move by saying that the companies will create a brand new type of culture. This will be something that will enable new experiences for consumers to enjoy all over the world, and also something that will allow numerous brand and content IP assets of the Samyang Foods Group. The company has been accumulated it for more than 60 years, and now it will be able to use metaverse and NFT technology to bring it to the customers who supported it for more than half a century.

Finally, Kang also addressed the fact that Samyang AANI is becoming the first food company to create food-themed LAND in K-verse, with a focus on K-Content, noting that it is a pleasure for the company to take the lead in developing this new kind of technology.

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