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The Sandbox Launches its GMAE Game Jam Show



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Over a week ago, on June 20th, metaverse project The Sandbox posted a Medium announcement of its upcoming contest called Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening (GMAE) Game Jam. The name GMAE essentially invites users from all around the world and welcomes them to participate, whether it is morning, afternoon, or evening for them in their specific regions.

The project announced that the point of the contest is simple, and all that developers need to do is bring the world of The Sandbox to life with community members, friends, and staff. Essentially, it tasked developers to use its technology to create something new and exciting for the community, and thus increase the offering of The Sandbox’s ecosystem.

In return, the project set aside a prize pool consisting of 15,000 SAND. The competition just started on June 27th, and it will last until July 17th.

What is The Game Jam all about?

As mentioned, the project is offering The Sandbox Game Maker software that users are supposed to create an experience with, based on The Sandbox community. They are asked to show their own personal GMAE and help bring the world of The Sandbox to life alongside other community members, friends, and the project’s own staff.

As far as requirements go, the project noted that Community Managers and the live streamers will need to be featured in each entry. But, other than that, anything goes. Developers can create any experience that they want, as long as it includes all 11 staff models.

The prize pool holds a total of 15,000 SAND, which will be split to reward the first 10 places. The first place receives 6,000 SAND ($7,080), second place will get 3,500 SAND ($4,130), and the third place will get 2,000 SAND ($2,360). The rest, meaning those who win 4th to 10th place will get 500 SAND, which is around $590.

The Game Jam started this Monday, June 27th, and it will last until July 17th, ending at 3 pm UTC. However, submissions gathering and voting will start on July 18th and it will last until August 7th, with the final results being announced on August 13th.

What do you need to know before submitting an entry?

There are several requirements that developers should note before they submit. First, in order to be valid, their game should be at least 5 minutes long. They need to use at least 25 different assets, and the game must follow a storyline or theme of some sort, with at least some playability (quests, missions, etc.). The experience also needs to be created after the start date, meaning June 27th, as things built before this date would give devs an unfair advantage. Finally, if any entry is found to be unfit, The Sandbox reserves the right to remove it.

The staff will be the ones judging the games, and devs who try to spam the galley with numerous low-quality experiences might be disqualified. The entry must be unique, and it is forbidden to try and copy any existing experiences. And, of course, all the assets used need to be created by the developer using the Game Maker software.

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