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Gala Games Unveils Battlestar Galactica NFT Game

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Investing in Gala Games (GALA) - Everything You Need to Know

Blockchain gaming has become quite popular, and Gala Games is one of the largest and most popular metaverse gaming platforms. Gala Games has teased about a wide range of projects set to go live.

The cryptocurrency market has slumped slightly during the past 24 hours. With Bitcoin dropping below $30K, altcoins have followed suit and registered dips. However, the developments within the Gala Games ecosystem are aiding GALA in its recovery. During the past 24 hours, GALA has gained 3.2% to hit $0.079.

Gala Games unveils new project

Gala Games recently gave a teaser about “Project Saturn.” The project has been unveiled as the Battlestar Galactica Blockchain game. The game will focus on an in-depth strategy of exploration, expansion, exploitation, and extermination.

In the recent announcement, the Gala Games team said that “Project Saturn” had transformed into the Battlestar Galactica-themed blockchain game. The game is slated to happen within a virtual world of the popular series that went live for four seasons between 2003 and 2004 on Syfy.

“All the features and systems that we originally presented as “Project Saturn” are actually planned for this Battlestar Galactica game, developed by Revolving Games in collaboration with Gala Games and Universal Games and Digital Platforms,” the announcement added.

The game will be based on the subgenre of computer and board games focused on strategy. The strategy titles will be based on real-time and turn, while the gameplay will involve creating an empire. The release of these titles and the creation of the empire will depend upon economic and technological development and a wide range of military and non-military strategies.

The virtual world where the Battlestar Galactica game will be based will be inspired by the same universe as the re-imagined series. This will happen around 40 years following the First Cylon War.

Every Cylon attack that happens at the beginning of the season will come with a unique set of circumstances that the players will have to navigate through. The players within the game will also have to adapt to every new circumstance and plan accordingly to achieve success.

Every colony will have a different level of governance, technology, and militarism. The alliances will make it so that a user can actively coordinate things on the protocol and strategize to achieve the objectives set for every season.

“The time is coming when you’ll have to think tactically to protect the human race from the Cylon incursion. Rebuild your fleet, reunite your faction, and reclaim the Twelve Colonies. We are absolutely thrilled to finally be able to share more info about this exciting game with you, and even more thrilled to be welcoming Battlestar Galactica into the Gala Games Ecosystem,” the announcement added.

Gala Games as one of the largest metaverse projects

GALA is one of the largest metaverse projects globally. The other projects that have become quite popular over the past year as people turn towards the virtual world include The Sandbox and Axie Infinity.

The recent announcement by Gala Games did not provide any details about non-fungible tokens (NFTs) of Web3 features. After the team announced that GRIT would be launched on the EPIC Games store, the Gala Games team announced it would receive much hype to use the platform.

There have been no details on whether the games developed by Gala Games will be interoperable with the other games that have been developed by the team and its partners. However, interoperability would be successful if blockchain technology is adopted, which is one of the top selling points of the blockchain game.

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