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‘Talos’ Goes Live with Institutional Digital Asset Trading Platform




'Talos' Goes Live with Institutional Digital Asset Trading Platform

For digital assets to realize their full potential, supporting services and technological infrastructure need to be developed.  A young, U.S. based company, named Talos, has recognized this, and just announced the public launch of its platform.


This offering by Talos is being touted as an ‘end-to-end’ comprehensive platform for digital assets, marketed towards institutional markets – meaning it will not just act as a trading platform.  Rather, Talos notes that it will support the following services, among others.


  • Simplified onboarding
  • Price discovery via various channels
  • Accessible past market data


  • Unified order management
  • Execution algorithms


  • Integrated settlement services
  • Integrated custodial services
  • Benchmark analytics
  • Accessible trade reports

These services are all made possible, by acting as a bridging platform between institutional investors, and service providers such as OTC Desks, Lenders, Prime Brokers, Custodians, and more.

For those thinking, ‘a lot of companies sound promising out of the gate, but how many actually deliver?’ – rest easy.  While Talos has just announced the public launch of its platform, the company has made its services available for over a year now to a select group.  One of these early adopters of Talos recently spoke on this ability to deliver.  Arianna Simpson, Founder of Autonomous Partners, states,

“One of the biggest keys to widespread institutional adoption of digital assets is a technology infrastructure that unites all market participants and gives them the confidence to operate at scale…That is exactly what Talos has built, and we are excited to help them realize their ambitious launch and growth plans.”

Targeted Clientele

With a broad range of services being made available, who exactly is the target audience of Talos?  Institutional investors and the companies which serve them.

Unfortunately, tailoring services for institutional investors is no simple task.  Fortunately, Talos appears to be up to the task.  Talos CEO, Anton Katz, states,

“The ability to safely and efficiently trade digital assets has been one of the biggest challenges limiting institutional investor adoption of this asset class…The institutional trading workflow is significantly more complex than that of the retail sector and demands a very different set of requirements. The Talos platform addresses these key issues — such as security, efficiency and scale — in both a familiar and customizable environment that tailors the trading experience for each customer.”

In order to serve this institutional investor clientele, it means acting as a bridge, connecting them to the following service providers, as well.

  • OTC desks
  • Asset Custodians
  • Brokers
  • Exchanges

Invested Parties

A strong sign of the potential in a company is its early backers.  Talos does not disappoint in this regard, as the company has been fortunate to land various key investments since launch.  The following are those listed by Talos as its primary backers, to date.

  • Autonomous Partners
  • Castle Island Ventures
  • Coinbase Ventures
  • Founder Collective
  • Initialized Capital
  • Notation Capital
  • VC

The Team

A product or service is only as good as the team behind its development.  With this being the case, Talos appears poised for a bright future.  The following pair of cofounders are responsible for the project.

Anton Katz – CEO/Cofounder

MIT graduate with experience at various high-profile companies, such as Microsoft, Broadway Technology, and AQR Capital Management.

Ethan Feldman – CTO/Cofounder

Cornell University graduate with experience in various roles at, both, Microsoft and Broadway Technology.

From their experiences at the aforementioned companies, dealing first-hand with institutional trading, the pair have a wealth of knowledge to leverage, for the benefit of Talos.

Nick Chirls, Partner at Notation Capital, endorsed the talent brought to the table by the team at Talos, stating,

“The Talos team is truly best-in-class – one of the best we’ve encountered in the blockchain space since we began investing in 2013.”


Founded in 2018, Talos maintains operations in, both, New York City and Gothenburg.  Above all, the team at Talos is working to develop a digital asset platform which offers comprehensive, full life-cycle services, for digital assets.

CEO, Anton Katz, currently oversees company operations.

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