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SPiCE VC invests in Digital Securities Exchange ‘Archax’

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New Investment

Earlier today, SPiCE VC announced their investment in a forthcoming Digital Securities Exchange, known as ‘Archax’.

This young company has an anticipated launch of late 2019. It is unsurprising that they caught the attention of SPiCE VC.  This is because their focus will be on providing services to investors of all ilk within the digital securities sector. This is the exact kind of company that SPiCE VC set out to help when they banded together to create their fund.

In addition to their investment, Archax will see SPiCE  Managing Director, Ami Ben-David, join their advisory board.

Details of the terms and size of investment were not disclosed within the press release.


In their press release, representatives from each company spoke on the investment discussed here today.

Ami Ben-David, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of SPiCE VC, stated,

“When we started SPiCE, security tokens were in their early stages. By tokenising ourselves and investing in key infrastructure plays in the security token ecosystem, we have become widely regarded as pioneers in the space. We focus on early stage opportunities with great teams who have the vision and ability to challenge and change the status quo. Archax fits the bill perfectly and will round out our portfolio by providing a credible institutional venue for all the security token initiatives we are involved with, as well as others, to be traded in.”

Graham Rodford, CEO & Co-Founder of Archax, stated,

“We see the tokenisation of assets as the next significant step in the evolution of the digital asset world and something that could potentially revolutionise traditional financial markets too. Whilst looking for seed investment we were keen to find a partner who understood and believed in the digital securities space and could add value to our initiative. SPiCE is exactly that kind of partner. We look forward to working together to build out and evolve the infrastructure and systems that the digital securities ecosystem needs.”


Archax is a promising start-up, based out of London, England. Their anticipated platform is expected to launch sometime in the coming year.

Upon launch, Archax aims to facilitate trading services through a platform for institutions. This feat will be accomplished by leveraging years of experience in regulated finance, gained by the core team.

Overall company development is being overseen by CEO, Graham Rodford.


SPiCE VC is a venture capital fund tailored towards companies in the blockchain industry. Led by Carlos Domingo, Tal Elyashiv, and Ami Ben-David, SPiCE was one of the first in the world to successfully complete their own digital security offering.

The aforementioned DSO took place in the tail end of 2017.

In Other News

While Archax is a new entrant on our newsfeed, we have previously detailed SPiCE VC in recent months. Check out the article listed below to learn a little bit more about their operations.

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