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SPiCE VC – Reshaping Ownership of Assets

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Who is SPiCE VC?

SPiCE VC is one of the first companies to delve into security tokens. By their estimates, they are the 4th security token – ever.  This speaks volumes to the amount of growth that is yet to be achieved in this industry.

What SPiCE VC offers is a means of financing for start-ups looking to establish themselves in the world of blockchain.  More specifically, due to the infancy of the industry, SPiCE VC is focusing their efforts on building a portfolio around companies developing infrastructure.  It is this infrastructure development that will allow for industry expansion and success in the future.

To take a quick look at their ‘elevator pitch’, click HERE.

What is the problem?

The companies that will utilize SPiCE VC often share similar hurdles.  Investors do not necessarily want to put their funds into early stage companies, in a young industry.  This is often due to a lack of liquidity, and leads to difficulty raising funds.

In addition to difficulties in fundraising, there is, simply, a vast amount of wealth locked up in assets.  These assets may range from debt, real estate, and even to art.  There needs to be a way to fractionalize the ownership of such items, and make this fractionalized ownership transferable.

In many instances ownership can also be difficult to prove.  As the title of this article would indicate, someone needs to find a way to improve and reshape the way we think about asset ownership.

How will they solve it?

SPiCE VC is able to solve liquidity issues through the distribution of their very own security token.  In doing so, investors in SPiCE VC are able to gain exposure to a portfolio of companies that they would not normally be willing to.

By facilitating fractionalized ownership of an asset, SPiCE VC is also able to bring liquidity to assets that never had it in the past.  By issuing a security as a digital token, rather than a traditional certificate, holders gain immediate liquidity.  This is due to the fact that these tokens can be easily transferred between parties via regulated platform such as OpenFinance.  Another benefit of tokenizing an asset is the immutability that blockchain offers.  The very nature of blockchain assists with the validity of asset ownership.

For those that invest in SPiCE VC, the process is simple.

  1. SPiCE VC issues tokens to investors instead of certificates
  2. SPiCE VC provides capital to developing companies
  3. Pay exits directly to token holders

It is important to remember that SPiCE VC tokens are tradable globally, 24/7.  As an investor’s situation may change, they have a means to enter and exit their positions seamlessly.

By handling asset ownership in this way, SPiCE VC estimates that they have the ability to unlock multiple trillions of dollars of illiquid funds.

The Team?

SPiCE VC has three managing partners leading the way.  Each has had a myriad of successes throughout their careers.

Carlos Domingo – Managing Partner

Tal Elyashiv – Managing Partner

Ami Ben David – Managing Partner

While Carlos was CEO of Telefonica, Tal was CIO of Capital one, and Ami was founding ventures like WorkGroup.  They are a talented trio.

Whats Next?

SPiCE VC is “on track to become the first security token to be traded on a regulated trading platform.”  With a portfolio already consisting of companies such as Securitize, Saga, Crowdcube, and Otoy, the team is well along their path.

As regulatory clarity is provided by government entities in the coming months, expect to hear more from companies such as SPiCE VC, as they become accessible through more trading platforms.

To learn details about the project, please view our SpiceVC Token Listing page.

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