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Smartlands to Host ETO

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Smartlands ETO

The well-known security token issuance and investment platform, Smartlands raised eyebrows this week after the firm announced plans to tokenize its own equity. The firm seeks to raise $1,000,000 through an Equity Token Offering (ETO). Importantly, these funds will go towards the expansion of the Smartland's platform and the development of the company's new payment processing system – Smartee.

Smartlands intends to tokenize around 3.5% of its equity stake. The tokenized equity will then be made available to investors worldwide. In total, the tokenized equity from Smartlands Holding Ltd. has a current value of $28,600,000. Interestingly, the company seeks to raise $3,900,000 from the first phase of the crowdfunding event.

US Investors

Discussing the strategy, Smartlands CEO, Ilia Obraztsov, explained the importance of his firm's goals. In a recent interview, he stated “For the first time, we’re making the tokenized shares issued on Smartlands available for the members of our US community and some other previously untapped geographies.” Providing US investors access to the ETO is sure to provide the firm with more revenue.

The Road to the US

MarketSmartlands originally made its US expansion project public knowledge two months ago. Prior to this announcement, the company had already tokenized a Disruptive Fund.

Smartlands via Twitter

Smartlands via Twitter

Across the Atlantic, Smartlands made strategic maneuvers as well. The firm teamed up with the ECN CrowdCamp earlier in the year. Additionally, the company tokenized real estate in the EU located in Nottingham.

Full ComplianceInvestors can rest assured that the company's ETO is in line with the current securities regulations. The firm received approval for compliance with the Reg D, and Reg S regulations. Additionally, the platform utilizes a FINRA-licensed broker-dealer. IIP Securities partnered with Smartlands to bring the concept into reality.


Another important goal behind the ETO is to raise funding for the Smartee payment processing platform. Smartee seeks to be a next-gen payment processing firm that integrates the advantages of blockchain technology directly into your payment systems. Developers revealed that the platform will feature a treasure trove of unique options.

These options will include Co-owner payment cards coupled with a fully-featured digital payment service. Importantly, the platform will incorporate a multi-currency wallet which will allow users to participate in a wide variety of exchanges. Users can exchange crypto-to-crypto, fiat-to-crypto, and crypto-to-fiat. On top of this flexibility, users earn cashback for purchases.


The London-based Smartlands platform entered the market in 2017. The firm's goal was to expand the tokenization of real economy assets. The company specializes in security token issuance and lifecycle management. Smartlands continues to see success thanks to a variety of factors. Notably, the firm utilizes a proprietary solution for fractional ownership of virtually any asset class.

Smartlands ETO

This latest ETO is a perfect example of how this innovative company continues to be a major player in the tokenization sector. You can expect the firm's ETO to receive heavy media coverage moving forward. For now, US investors can participate in the Smartlands ETO without delay.

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