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Smartland Acquisition Opens New Doors for Crowdfunding

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For companies working on a global scale, the shortest path to their goals is often through acquisitions of already established entities. An example of this was made recently when Smartlands announced that they had acquired a majority share of Shojin Financial Services.

By completing this move, Smartland now inherits the abilities of SFS – such as their investment licence. This licence was awarded to SFS by the Financial Conduct Authority in 2017. By receiving this licence, SFS is able to legally function as a global crowdfunding platform. The process of receiving this licence is a lengthy and difficult one – a process bypassed by Smartland through the acquisition.

With this move, there is not much left holding Smartland back from taking the sector by storm. The company even recently announced the listing of their platform utility token on industry leading crypto exchange, Bittrex. Everything is turning up Smartland.


Beyond news of this acquisition, Smartland also indicated that the first security token offering to be hosted on their platform has now gone live. This event will see the distribution of digital securities backed by UK based real estate. No doubt, the choice to base the first platform STO upon a real-estate backed asset is due to extensive experience in property investment by SFS.

The sale has a funding target of £1 million, with 30% equity to be distributed among qualified investors.

Shojin Property Partners - Nottingham Property


In their announcement, multiple representatives from Smartlands took the time to elaborate on these developments.

Arnoldas Nauseda, CEO of Smartlands, stated,

“The fact that SFS possesses the type of license necessary for the Smartlands business model to flourish is not the only reason for the acquisition…We are proud to share SFS’s values ​​and vision for the development of financial markets around the world. The firm also has a substantial pool of classic investors that the SFS team has been developing since 2017. Now, thanks to the Smartlands proprietary technology, these private investors have the opportunity to invest in the digital ownership of real assets secured on one of the most powerful and fast blockchains in the world ‒ Stellar network.”

Viktor Krekotin, Strategy Adviser of Smartlands, stated,

“The partnership with SFS is the last brick in the construction of the Smartlands Platform…This makes Smartlands one of the first fully regulated platforms for the issuance of security tokens. And Stellar will do what it does best: lightning fast, secure transactions at negligible costs to all involved, which makes Stellar the best blockchain for all operations with security tokens.”


Smartlands is a London based company that was founded in 2017. Above all, Smartlands functions as a tokenization platform, catering to a global client base.

Operations at Smartland are overseen by CEO, Arnoldas Nauseda.

Shojin Financial Services

Shojin is a UK based company that was founded in 2009. Above all, Shojin acts as an investment firm specializing in real-estate.

Company operations are overseen by cofounders Jatin Ondhia and Sandeep Puri.

In Other News

An emerging trend, as of late, is the increasing adoption being seen of the Stellar blockchain within the digital securities sector. Due to the structuring of this blockchain, it is proving to be highly adept at meeting the needs of the industry. Check out the article below for another example of a company recently adopting Stellar.

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