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Through use of the Stellar blockchain, Smartlands acts as an investment platform.  As such, they are able to tokenize real world assets, unlocking stores of trapped wealth in the process.  This tokenization takes place through the creation, issuance, and distribution of security tokens.

Recognizing a need for the safe storage of tokenizes assets, Smartlands has also developed solutions such as a Stellar based wallet.  This wallet is the first of its kind issued through Stellar to support the storage of security tokens.

Smartlands has already seen market adoption, as they have begun hosting STOs.  One such example is the sale of security tokens representing ownership of Public Student Housing in Nottingham, United Kingdom.

Smartlands maintains headquarters in London, United Kingdom, with company operations overseen by CEO, Arnoldas Nauseda.

Company Details

Company Name
Smartlands Platform Ltd
Company Type
Private Limited Company
Company #

Contact Details

Business Address
Golden Cross House,
8 Duncannon Street,
London WC2N 4JF, United Kingdom
Phone Number
+44 7756 313111




Team Members

Name: Arnoldas Nauseda
Position: CEO
Name: Victor Yermak
Position: Business Development Director
Name: Freda Bielske
Position: VP of Marketing
Name: Ilia Obraztcov
Position: VP of Technology
Name: Rajat Sharma
Position: Business Advisor in Asia
Name: Antanas Krasauskas
Position: Business Developer
Name: Clemens Stromeyer
Position: Head of Regulatory & Business Affairs

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