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Kriptomat Review – Is it Legit? (April 2024)

A Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange in Europe

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Fees: From 1.45%

Best For: EU-Based Traders

Warning: Trading in cryptocurrency is highly speculative and carries a high level of risk. It is possible to lose all your capital. These products may not be suitable for everyone and you should ensure that you understand the risks involved. Seek independent advice if necessary. Speculate only with funds that you can afford to lose.

Kriptomat is an EU-based cryptocurrency exchange and wallet service that has been operating since 2018. They are headquartered in Estonia which is a trusted European hotbed for similar companies. Having been founded by tech-savvy Srdjan Mahmutovich, they are now operating in more than 80 countries worldwide and serving users around the world who wish to trade and store some of the 30 or more cryptocurrencies they support.

The aim of the company is to make cryptocurrency purchase, trading, and storage ultra-accessible in a secure manner to all. This is a mission the company is fast evolving toward so we will examine each key area of Kriptomat to see what they have to offer compared with others in the sector.


  • 30+ Cryptocurrencies available
  • Trusted European base and reputation
  • Buy with Skrill, Neteller, and other eWallets
  • Free SEPA deposits


  • Fees are higher than some competitors
  • Relatively basic trading features



First and foremost since Kriptomat is incorporated and based in Europe, they are compliant with all related European laws and regulations. This is a well-trusted environment within Europe, and therefore the company themselves can be trusted as transparent and above board despite only being in operation for a relatively short time.

From a cybersecurity standpoint, Kriptomat follows all of the best standards you would expect from an exchange and storage service. That is that they utilize cold storage for 98% of their held assets, have a sophisticated DDoS protection system in place, and conduct regular security tests on their own platform to ensure the best in security. There have been no reported hacks of Kriptomat to date.

From a user perspective, they also enable 2-factor authentication, and they are also a custodial service meaning that you will not have access to the private key of your purchased assets unless you are transferring them externally.

Kriptomat also complies with all the required KYC and AML procedures whilst still ensuring the registration process for users remains as fast and convenient as possible.

Investment Products


With Kriptomat you will have the opportunity to buy more than 30 of the top cryptocurrencies available in the market. This includes all of the top currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and others, as well as some of the smaller named coins. These can all be purchased at basically the click of a button and through a variety of convenient payment methods.

You can use SEPA bank transfer within Europe, or just purchase with your credit and debit card for a pretty much instant transaction. Also available are Neteller, Skrill, and other eWallet payment options. Kriptomat brings a great degree of accessibility to your crypto purchases.

As for unique features beyond being able to make purchases by card, you can also earn rewards through the Kriptomat reward section for referrals and their own affiliate program. Added to that, Kriptomat is extremely easy to use and available on mobile for both your Android and iOS devices.

Commission & Fees


At Kriptomat with deposits and withdrawals, these can be free of charge if you are using a SEPA European bank transfer. If you are using other methods to purchase your crypto though the fees will vary. A credit card purchase will cost 3.65% of the transaction value, while both Neteller and Skrill are 5.35% at least if the value is over 100 EUR. A Zimpler transaction will have a 2.89% fee applied, and Sofort a fee of 3.95%. The lowest fees on the platform that apply to any fiat-crypto purchase and vice versa, are 1.45% of the transaction value.

If you are dealing solely in crypto then these deposits are free to make and move around as you wish though there will be a withdrawal fee that applies varies depending on the specific asset with a minimum withdrawal value of 15 EUR where you need to have traded at least 30 EUR, while the minimum withdrawal via SEPA transfer is 35 EUR.

Moving to trading limitations you will find the SEPA daily deposit and withdrawal limit is 25,000 EUR and 200,000 EUR monthly. The daily limit on other forms of payment and withdrawal is significantly lower at 500 EUR daily, or 5,000 EUR monthly. Meanwhile, there are no limits on crypto deposits and withdrawals.

Customer Support


Kriptomat does a good job when it comes to the customer support side of the business. They have a professional team available through their web-based live chat service to reply promptly. On top of that, you can contact the company by email at any time.

You will also find an active blog with several educational resources and articles that may be helpful to beginners in trading cryptocurrency alongside an FAQ section. Within this section, you will find the answer to many of your most commonly asked questions about the service and crypto in general.

This is a standard customer service model used by many of the other services in the sector, with the added value that Kriptomat also provides a form of live chat for more instantaneous communication which some do not provide.



Overall, while Kriptomat is relatively new to the industry, the first point which stands out as valuable is both their location in Europe, and the fact they are backed by a named, and known individual and team in the space. This provides credibility to an already stellar reputation which has so far stood up to the test in terms of security and transparency.

They provide an excellent selection of crypto to purchase in a very reliable and efficient manner. This, although they have higher fees than some, makes them a valuable service in the industry both within Europe and around the world.

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