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Polymath Implements ‘Poho’, Making ST-20 Compliant with ERC-1400 Standards




Polymath Implements 'Poho', Making ST-20 Compliant with ERC-1400 Standards

Codename ‘Poho’

Polymath has announced ‘Poho’ – meaning “Bull” in Sesotho, a language spoken by over 5 million South Africans.  This is the codename for what is essentially version 3.0 of their ST-20 protocol.

While ST-20 has served Polymath well, until now, industry participants require greater interoperability, along with a protocol offering higher levels of customization. Poho offers all of this.

Beyond adding new capabilities to the protocol, Poho has already undergone a full audit by the Consensys Diligence team, ensuring the work is sound.

By upgrading the ST-20 standard, Polymath indicates that it is now fully compliant with ERC-1400.

Token Standards

While the development of Poho represents an important move forward for Polymath, they are not the first company to take such steps. The following are a few examples of rival companies that have created their own tailored token protocols.

  • Securitize
    • DS Protocol
  • Harbor
    • Regulated Token Standard (R-Token)
  • Vertalo
    • V-Token

Specialized Services

Poho is not the first instance of Polymath announcing a purpose built product for the digital securities sector. Recently, Polymath announced, not only the addition of new talent, but the development of a blockchain, built specifically for hosting digital securities.

This blockchain is titled ‘PolyMesh’, and will no doubt offer future support for the protocol upgrade discussed here today.

Polymath Announces ‘PolyMesh’ – A Purpose Built Blockchain for Digital Securities

If you are planning for a future where digital securities are commonplace, why rely on patch work solutions? The industry is still nascent – take the time to create purpose built products now, setting everyone up for a more productive future.


Polymath’s Head of Technology, Adam Dossa, took the time to comment on the need for Poho.   The following is what he had to say regarding the announcement.

“Until now, organizations have been developing their own patchwork solutions for security token infrastructure. Now, with the ERC-1400 standard, every developer and stakeholder can speak the same language, opening up significant opportunities in this vertical…With the ‘Poho’ release of our Polymath protocol, ST-20 tokens are fully ERC-1400 compliant as well as being future-proofed through on-chain upgradability and a sophisticated modular structure.”


Since their launch in 2017, Toronto based, Polymath, has established themselves as leaders within the digital securities sector. This has been achieved through constant development of services, such as the protocol upgrades discussed here today.

To date, over 120 companies have benefitted from the issuance of security tokens made possible through the suite of services offered by Polymath.

CEO, Kevin North, currently oversees company operations.

In Other News

Polymath has long been a regular feature on, as they remain one of the most active companies within the digital securities sector. The following are a few articles demonstrating recent developments pertaining to their progress.

Polymath Scraps Two Projects, Honing in on Vision for Digital Securities

Blockpass to Offer Onboarding Services to Polymath Clients

Sum&Substance Introduced to Polymath ‘Service Provider Marketplace’

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SWARM Announces Swarm Capital Service Provider Platform




SWARM Announces Swarm Capital Service Provider Platform

Swarm Capital

Swarm, a U.S. based service provider for the digital securities sector, has just announced the launch of ‘Swarm Capital’.

Swarm Capital, which is built upon the Swarm Protocol, is described as a modular platform which ‘puts the full power of digital securities on the blockchain into the hands of issuers and service firms’.

The company indicates that while Swarm Network continues to be a non-profit, Swarm Capital will look to offer more comprehensive and premium services. Swarm Capital will continue to make use of various Swarm solutions, such as their specialized SRC-20 standard, as well as their Market Access Protocol.


Swarm Capital indicates that the first product to be launched through the service will be known as ‘EarlyBird’.

Despite just being launched, this product has already seen industry adoption by multiple companies. The product works to provide its users (potential token issuers) with a look at market interest in their potential offering, before a token generation event is undertaken.


In their announcement, the Swarm team took the time to elaborate on the need for a platform such as Swam Capital. The following is what they had to say on the matter.

“As SWARM has been delivering on its promise to build an open source protocol while operating as a non-profit, we have consistently seen demand from issuers and other market participants for a service layer that would conveniently allow them to interact with the protocol layer. There has also been an obvious need for seamless integrations with other tools required within the digital security value chain. We realized that the best way to meet customers is with a dedicated entity that can demonstrate the power and flexibility of the SWARM Protocol, as well as enable its customers to use it as a foundation for building their businesses. For us, this is the natural next step to creating adoption for digital securities.”


Launched in 2018, Swarm is a U.S. based company which specializes in asset tokenization. Their efforts have resulted in the formation of various partnerships and developed technologies. To date, Swarm remains one of the few platforms to successfully assist in multiple STOs/DSOs.

Cofounders, Philipp Pieper and Timo Lehes, currently oversee company operations.

In Other News

While we have covered Swarm on various occasions, one of our most recent articles touched on the launch of Swarm 2.0. The following article looks at this, the company as a whole, and their ongoing mission.

Swarm 2.0 Goes Live –Swarm Facts

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iSTOX Exchange Completes Series A Funding




iSTOX Exchange Completes Series A Funding

This week, the blockchain-based startup, iSTOX announced that it had completed a round of Series A funding. iSTOX seeks to bring tokenized financial assets to the Thai market in a major way. The company already has the blessing of both regulators and a vast network of financial institutions. This news demonstrates the growing demand for tokenized assets across Asia. Also, it showcases the trend of traditional financial firms entering the blockchain sector.

According to iSTOX, the company didn’t have to search for long before it found an interested investor to take part in the funding round. The company found a serious investor in one of the largest banks in the country, Kiatnakin Phatra Financial Group (KKP). In fact, the bank was the only investor needed to complete the crowdfunding campaign successfully.

The iSTOX exchange secured an undisclosed amount from this major financial institution. The funds will go towards the expansion of the platform’s investor base. Additionally, iSTOX intends to create a complete blockchain ecosystem. The platform will function as a “one-stop-shop” for businesses seeking to crowdfund their future business operations.

iSTOX via Homepage

iSTOX via Homepage

Discussing the platform, iSTOX Chief strategy officer Darius Liu Spoke on how the firm’s strategy adds liquidity to the market. The CSO explained how the company’s all-inclusive approach to the market is “re-intermediating the value chain.”

iSTOX Blockchain Ecosystem

The iSTOX Blockchain ecosystem enables businesses to issue tokens in a streamlined manner that is compliant with the current regulations. The company also allows businesses to tokenize a huge variety of financial instruments. Currently, you can tokenize stocks, bonds, securities, equities, and debt instruments on the platform. This strategy enables more liquidity and the creation of new markets.

Secondary Trading

The iSTOX exchange also provides token issuers and investors with a secondary trading platform. Secondary trading compliance is a major issue among security token investors. Now, these investors have an option that has the consumer protections in place that these firms are accustomed to.

Asian Expansion

Company executives want to extend their reach into the Asian security token market in the coming weeks. STOs are more popular than ever in the region. Consequently, multiple Asian governments began wooing new Blockchain firms to their shores this year. Notably, Singapore recently added a regulatory framework to help clarify investor confusion and spur further token adoption in the country.


iSTOX is a subsidiary of  ICHX tech. This Singapore-based firm is a pioneer in the Thai FinTech sector. The company offers enterprise-level blockchain solutions and infrastructure. Specifically, the company specializes in smart contract integration. Notably, ICHX obtained funding from numerous traditional financial firms. Primarily, the Singapore Exchange SGX and Heliconia Capital Management were the largest contributors.

Importantly, ICHX was appointed to a group of specially chosen Blockchain businesses tasked with helping develop Singapore’s security token regulatory framework. The appointment was a huge accomplishment for the company because it was by the hand of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).


The iSTOX platform is scheduled for a fourth-quarter release date. Currently, it’s open to accredited investors only. Additionally, token issuers can submit tokens for exchange listing. You can expect to see iSTOX play a pivotal role in the Singapore crypto market moving forward.

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Harbor Square Investments Approved as Broker/Dealer




Harbor Square Investments Approved as Broker/Dealer

A Long Road

As of September 26th, 2019, Harbor Square Investments was officially designated a broker/dealer by FINRA. This approval comes after an arduous process that took months to arrive at a conclusion.

By successfully being approved as registered broker/dealers, Harbor now gains the ability to buy and sell digital securities on behalf of both themselves and their client base.

Stiff Competition

As industry participants continue to gain a footing on what services they will offer their clients, various within the digital securities sector have the ability to act as broker/dealers within their respective regions.

Dinosaur Financial Group

This New York based company has long acted as a broker/dealer in traditional markets. In early 2019, they made a foray into digital securities, through a partnership with tZero.

Dinosaur Announces Alliance with tZero


One of the most well-known names in blockchain, Coinbase became a broker/dealer through the acquisition of Keystone Capital, in mid-2018. This approach was unique, as this allowed for Coinbase to gain the abilities of a broker/dealer in a short amount of time. As touched on, with regards to Harbor, applying for a new licence is a long process – Inheritance of such licensure through company acquisition has the potential to be a much more efficient route to take.

Coinbase Acquires Broker-Dealer in Push to Sell Securities


Harbor CEO, Josh Stein, spoke with news outlet, CoinDesk, commenting on the development discussed here today. The following is what he had to say on the matter.

Speaking on the length of time it took to get to this point, he stated,

“It took the regulators a long time to get a handle on the space and understand it and its implications,” Harbor CEO Josh Stein told CoinDesk. “This was very new for the SEC and FINRA, and they wanted to do it right.”

With their new designation in hand, Stein continued, commenting on the future,

“We’re going to provide the technology platform to manage the fundraising, the technology to manage investors, the technology to tokenize and enable liquidity.”


Operating out of the United States, Harbor is a tokenization platform that was founded in 2017. In the time since their launch, the company has managed to create a specialized token standard meant to serve the industry, known as ‘R-Tokens’, in addition to expanding the functionality of their platform.

Harbor Square Investments is a subsidiary of Harbor.

CEO, Josh Stein, currently oversees company operations.

We recently reported on Harbor, as they continue their efforts to serve the digital securities sector. In this recent look at the company, they caught our eye with the tokenization of $100M worth of real estate.

Harbor Tokenizes $100 Million in Real Estate Funds on ETH


Short for ‘Financial Industry Regulatory Authority’, FINRA, is a regulatory body, given their power by Congress. They are tasked with ensuring compliance among broker/dealers serving U.S. based investors.

CEO, Robert W. Cook, currently oversees the organization’s operations.

In Other News

In recent months, we have seen various companies issue new licencing and designations. This has allowed for various industry participants to expand the services they offer their clients, in a regulatory compliant manner. The following articles highlight one such expansion, along with a look at the various titles held by companies like Harbor.

Securitize Receives SEC Transfer Agent Approval

Titles and Designations among Industry Participants

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