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Polkadot Hackathon North America Ended; Polkadot Announced the Winners



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Polkadot Hackathon North America Ended; Polkadot Announced the Winners

Polkadot has been putting a lot of effort into blockchain development ever since its very foundation. After all, its focus was and is on providing the most efficient and at the same time, the most user-friendly service and solving the problems of older blockchains. To push these efforts even further, it organized Polkadot Global Series  — a series of hackathons around the world that are meant to gather developers, investors, and community members and have them work together on solving problems and coming up with innovations.

The second of these events, the Polkadot Hackathon North America, was concluded this weekend, and the project has provided a list of winners for each category. The categories included DAO & Governance, DeFi, Interfaces & Experiences, NFT, Web3 & Tooling, Community Choice, and Grand Prize.

The winning projects

The hackathon has quite a few categories, and most of them have three winners. The first one was DAO & Governance category, rewarding three projects — an incentivized smart contract parachain, a Polkadot & Kusama investment fund managed as a DAO, and a blockchain-based decentralized governance and funding system.

After that, in the DeFi category, where the winning projects included a robotic economy ecosystem, a Polkadot Acala credit card, and a decentralized finance hub for leveraging the economic activities of Filipinos. In the Interfaces & Experiences category, the winning projects included an ultimate Moonbeam bridge and explorer, a decentralized forum for developers, and a Polkadot point-of-sale terminal.

Then, there is the NFT category, with the winning projects including Moonsama NFT contracts for a builders-owned NFT marketplace. The second place went to an interactive UI for the creation and attaching of NFTs, while the final place went to an NT-NFT functionality as a Substrate pallet.

Web3 & Tooling category also saw three winning projects — a Web3 social media app, a parachain to execute business process models directly as smart contracts, and a DID-based Web3 cloud access layer. Community Choice category winners included a Social Weaver from the NFT category, Rooster DAO from the DAO & Governance category, and NUSIC: Fractionalized Music for a Short-Form Economy from the DeFi category.

Last, but not least, the Grand Prize went to a developer known as Entity_54, who introduced an XCM DOT Autostake, which allows users to autostake DOT from any parachain using XCM. The grand prize is $30,000, while the first, second, and third place for each category (apart from the Community Choice category) included $20,000, $15,000, and $10,000, respectively.

What is Polkadot Global Series?

Polkadot Global Series is a highly anticipated hackathon series that Polkadot decided to organize and hold in multiple regions around the world. The first event in the series was the Asia Pacific hackathon, and it took place in October 2021. It was an overwhelming success, with devs from over 100 countries coming together to get hands-on with the Polkadot-based tools, powering innovation in the project’s ecosystem. Given its popularity and success, Polkadot was encouraged to proceed with the original plan, and take it to North America next, and the event has just been concluded this weekend.

It was organized in association with AngelHack, and it was an all-virtual six-week hackathon that invited developers to build, break, and experiment with blockchain as much as they liked. And, once again, while it was focused on North America, the event also included anyone who wanted to join.

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