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Liquefy Set to Tokenize $600M in London Real Estate

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Tech Provider

Liquefy, a tech solution provider, recently announced that they have been chosen for an upcoming tokenization project. This project will see the company lend their expertise in the area of blockchain, as they facilitate the creation and distribution of digital securities.

The choice to use Liquefy was made by, what they company refers to as, a ‘consortium of Gulf families’.

First on the Docket

With this new arrangement, the first task on the docket is the tokenization of a $600 million hotel. This real estate, which calls London home, represents just the first of $1 billion worth of assets that will soon follow.

Liquefy has indicated that the tokenization of real estate is just a ‘jumping off point’. In the future, the company looks to provide similar services for a range of assets, including collectible items, art, and more.

Asian Roots

This adoption, being seen by Liquefy, is a positive sign for NEO Global Development, as they previously invested millions into the company, in mid-2019. This investment, along with a MOU being signed with Stan Group, has sent Liquefy well on their way to establishing themselves as a leading outfit within Asia.


Upon announcing this new development, Adrian Lai, CEO of Liquefy, took the time to comment. The following is what he had to say on the matter.

“We are excited to be working on this fantastic opportunity with top families from the Gulf, and beginning with a Mayfair property of such high quality…As blockchain technology progresses we’re seeing accelerating interest in digital securities from the real estate sector. The deal sizes and pipeline have grown exponentially over the past year. We’re certain that there’s huge potential for technology to enable new business models in the real estate ecosystem that lower operational costs and increase liquidity.”


Founded in 2018, Liquefy, is a tech solution provider, which is based out of Hong Kong, China. Above all, the company specializes in developing solutions which facilitate the tokenization of assets in a regulatory compliant manner.

CEO, Adrian Lai, currently oversees company operations.

In Other News

Real estate has proven to be, arguably, the most popular asset for those looking to benefit through tokenization. This has been made evident over the past year, as various companies have indicated their intent to issue digital securities backed by hundreds of millions worth of real estate. The following articles are an example of just a few of these instances.

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