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LeadBest and Polymath form Partnership to create Security Token Ecosystem

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LeadBest and Polymath

In a recent press release, blockchain company, LeadBest, announced a partnership with Polymath. A mutual goal led to the formation of this alliance.  Create a ‘token economy ecosystem’.

This move marks one of Polymath’s various forays into Asia. It allows for Polymath to keep a finger on the pulse of the region. In doing so, future ventures within Asia will continue to be well-educated moves.

This move is key to establishing global standards on the implementation and utilization of digital securities on a technical level.

LeadBest announced this alliance at the ‘Proof-Of-Lead’ Salon. This is an ‘invitation event’ that see industry leaders gather to discuss the past, present, and future of blockchain.


LeadBest is based out of Taiwan, and was founded in 2018. Above all, LeadBest works to facilitate funding for companies. LeadBest achieves this through tokenization, and STOs.

LeadBest CEO, Neil Lee, commented on the future goals of the company. He stated, “At present, STO has a huge share of the global market, requiring industry players to jointly formulate industry rules and give play to their advantages in accelerating market development…As a market leader, LeadBest hopes to develop a deeper level of cooperation with offering platforms, accounting and law firms, government authorities, exchanges and underwriters to jointly build a sound ecosystem.”


Polymath is based out of Toronto, and was founded in 2017. Since inception, Polymath has gone on to be one of the companies most synonymous with digital securities.

Above all, Polymath works to provide the services needed for companies to launch their own security tokens. The company remains flexible in their offerings, through the use of multiple variants of the ERC-1400 token standard – each variant being tailored towards a specific sector.

While announcing the strategic partnership in Taiwan, Polymath VP of Business Development, Heslin Kim, spoke on the move. He stated, “Polymath is committed to building a universal STO platform that is accessible to everyone, and, as a result, we are the first to have successfully become a provider of complete technical services…This is a new market for us, so the collaboration with LeadBest can not only help us clarify market trends and policy direction, but also reduce the obstacles to market development.”

In Other News

Polymath has caught the attention of many lately. For example, we recently spoke on various exchanges adding support for the POLY token. There is no doubt that we will be reporting on moves by Polymath again soon, as they continue to remain a leader within the sector.

Polymath  has gained the acceptance of exchanges and the blockchain community through partnerships such as the one described here today.

Joshua Stoner is a multi-faceted working professional. He has a great interest in the revolutionary 'blockchain' technology.