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Kusama Kingdom Unveils a New Collection of 110 Queens



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The Kusama Kingdom has announced the addition of a collection of Queens to its ecosystem. 110 Queens will be rolled out by RD Studios, which is behind the Kusama Kings project.

The 110 Queens will feature together with the Kings in the Great Hall, and it will boost the utility available to owners of this project.

The Kusama Kingdom unveils a collection of Queens

Kusama is the canary chain of the Polkadot network. The Kusama Kings collection has become increasingly popular over the past few months. Each of the kings comes with a unique set of traits that have attracted many owners.

KBL will be part of the development team behind Kusama Kings. The team noted that the success of the Kings was unexpected. The project has emerged to be bigger than before, and it now provides the owners with a utility they would not have achieved with other NFTs.

RD Studios has now announced that they will be expanding the project by launching 110 Kusama Queens that will also be in the Great Hall. The team noted that the move would attract more people to the project and tighten the community’s growth.

The launch of the Queens collection will double the community of the King owners. However, this is the only addition that will happen in this collection. RD Studios has stated that once the Queens collection is launched, the Great Hall, a private server hosting the Kusama Kingdom community.

The Queens collection will be similar in structure to the Kings collection. It will include 60 Limited, 15 Ultra Rare and 10 Legendary items. They will also offer the same privilege as the Kings collection, and the dividends will come from the Kings Bounty. Utility for the Queens collection will be added with time, with RD Studios assuring their clients that they always have over-delivered in all their projects.

The announcement also added that out of the sales made in the Queens collection, 5% would be dedicated towards a fund that supports women venturing into the cryptocurrency sector. The funds will be dedicated to Women in Crypto, which supports women in the cryptocurrency sector.

KBL noted that the launch of the Queens collection would bring more interactions with the Kusama Kingdom. The team noted that it has been expanding the Kusama Kingdom by launching other projects. Therefore, it supported the expansion to launching the female counterparts.

How the Queens collection will work

The Queens collection will follow the tale of the ten princes turned into frogs by a witch. Each rare queen will allow users to claim their respective frog. Additionally, a King and a Queen can buy a wedding ring, and if they are married, they can get a baby, which will be in the form of a custom NFT that takes the traits of both the King and Queen.

Currently, 50 wedding rings are available, and the babies will be a sought-after feature in the Great Hall. KBL added that the goal of this Kingdom was to boost value for holders. Owners of the Kings will access Kings Bounty. As for the Queens, owners will have the right to engage in private sales that will be successful in the coming years.

As aforementioned, the Queens will be the last addition in the Kusama Kingdom to provide access and utility in the Great Hall. KBL and RD Studios will also release other collections, but they have yet to provide details of what these collections will be or when they will be launched. It is also yet to provide any details of the direction that the collection will take.

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