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iSTOX Exchange Completes Series A Funding

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This week, the blockchain-based startup, iSTOX announced that it had completed a round of Series A funding. iSTOX seeks to bring tokenized financial assets to the Thai market in a major way. The company already has the blessing of both regulators and a vast network of financial institutions. This news demonstrates the growing demand for tokenized assets across Asia. Also, it showcases the trend of traditional financial firms entering the blockchain sector.

According to iSTOX, the company didn't have to search for long before it found an interested investor to take part in the funding round. The company found a serious investor in one of the largest banks in the country, Kiatnakin Phatra Financial Group (KKP). In fact, the bank was the only investor needed to complete the crowdfunding campaign successfully.

The iSTOX exchange secured an undisclosed amount from this major financial institution. The funds will go towards the expansion of the platform's investor base. Additionally, iSTOX intends to create a complete blockchain ecosystem. The platform will function as a “one-stop-shop” for businesses seeking to crowdfund their future business operations.

iSTOX via Homepage

iSTOX via Homepage

Discussing the platform, iSTOX Chief strategy officer Darius Liu Spoke on how the firm's strategy adds liquidity to the market. The CSO explained how the company’s all-inclusive approach to the market is “re-intermediating the value chain.”

iSTOX Blockchain Ecosystem

The iSTOX Blockchain ecosystem enables businesses to issue tokens in a streamlined manner that is compliant with the current regulations. The company also allows businesses to tokenize a huge variety of financial instruments. Currently, you can tokenize stocks, bonds, securities, equities, and debt instruments on the platform. This strategy enables more liquidity and the creation of new markets.

Secondary Trading

The iSTOX exchange also provides token issuers and investors with a secondary trading platform. Secondary trading compliance is a major issue among security token investors. Now, these investors have an option that has the consumer protections in place that these firms are accustomed to.

Asian Expansion

Company executives want to extend their reach into the Asian security token market in the coming weeks. STOs are more popular than ever in the region. Consequently, multiple Asian governments began wooing new Blockchain firms to their shores this year. Notably, Singapore recently added a regulatory framework to help clarify investor confusion and spur further token adoption in the country.


iSTOX is a subsidiary of  ICHX tech. This Singapore-based firm is a pioneer in the Thai FinTech sector. The company offers enterprise-level blockchain solutions and infrastructure. Specifically, the company specializes in smart contract integration. Notably, ICHX obtained funding from numerous traditional financial firms. Primarily, the Singapore Exchange SGX and Heliconia Capital Management were the largest contributors.

Importantly, ICHX was appointed to a group of specially chosen Blockchain businesses tasked with helping develop Singapore’s security token regulatory framework. The appointment was a huge accomplishment for the company because it was by the hand of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).


The iSTOX platform is scheduled for a fourth-quarter release date. Currently, it's open to accredited investors only. Additionally, token issuers can submit tokens for exchange listing. You can expect to see iSTOX play a pivotal role in the Singapore crypto market moving forward.

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