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Issuance Acquires CrowdFundX After Various Partnership Announcements





If you aren’t privy to Issuance yet, you will be soon.  In recent weeks the digital security platform has established various partnerships with industry leaders, in addition to completing a strategic acquisition.

The platform was established in 2018, and operates with a main goal of connecting security token issuers and interested investors.  Believing that digital securities represent a huge shift in future finance, they are striving, today, to create the foundation to facilitate that future tomorrow.

Issuance identifies as an engagement platform.  They encourage token issuers to engage with accredited investors that are most likely to be interested in their offering.  To determine which investors are most likely to be interested in a specific offering, they are encouraged to participate in surveys, and engage with issuers.  At this early point in the days of digital securities, there are already over 20 issuing platforms on the market.  A few of the more recognizable names are companies such as Securitize, tZero, and OpenFinance.  Issuance takes the offerings of these platforms, and aggregates these opportunities into an intuitive platform.

Obviously, Issuance must generate profit somewhere.  This is gathered through a fee, charged to issuers for each message sent to investors.  Issuers will pay this fee, as they benefit from access to a greater, and more appropriate audience for their token.

Acquires CrowdFundX

On November 5th, 2018, Issuance released information regarding a signed LOI (Letter of Intent) to take over CrowdFundX and their assets.

CrowdFundX is a marketing firm specializing in STOs’.  In past years, they have successfully assisted multiple companies host STOs through their expertise in the FinTech sector.  In addition to being profitable for three years running, CrowdFundX brings an extensive client base and investor dataset.  This data is invaluable to Issuance operations, as they strive to connect investors with token issuers.

Partners with BlockEstate, Securitize, and AmaZix

Beyond full on strategic acquisitions, Issuance has successfully develop and announced multiple partnerships in the past month.  These partnerships are vital to developing their aggregation platform, and function as an all-inclusive service for their users.


  • As of Oct. 8th, 2018, BlockEstate will utilize the services offered by issuance.  This means that Issuance will provide BlockEstate with access to the greatest amount of appropriate investors for their offering


  • Upon request form issuers utilizing the Securitize platform, they have now partnered with Issuance.  As of September 24, 2018, any token issued on the Securitize platform, will have access to the marketing services of Issuance.


  • Helping raise over $1.3billion for over 100 start-ups, AmaZix has partnered with Issuance to lend their expertise in the world of marketing.  This will help Issuance more effectively and efficiently connect issuers with investors.

These are only a few of the partnerships that Issuance has developed in their time operating.  With the rate of progress being seen, they look as though they will be a major player in the industry in years to come.

The Issuance Team

Those behind the progress being seen are each a successful professional that brings something unique to the table.  Here are a few of those in charge.

Aaron Mendez – Cofounder / CSO

Christian Shelton – Cofounder / CMO

Darren Marble – CEO

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