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INX Limited Marks the Third Company in SPiCE VC Portfolio to Go Public

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Almost 3 years ago, we first highlighted a promising company by the name of SPiCE VC.  As pioneers in the digital securities sector, SPiCE VC has taken direct part in the success of various companies looking to bring tokenization services to the masses through its investment portfolio.

SPiCE VC has just highlighted this, with INX Limited now becoming the third company found within its portfolio to go public.

INX Limited

When INX first announced its IPO, heads turned to pay attention, as the event represented the ‘first SEC-registered token IPO’.  The successes and failures to come would paint a blueprint for likeminded companies moving forward.

Now that the IPO has come to a close, it was an unmitigated success which saw the company raise roughly $125million ($85million from token sales / $39.6million from private placement).  A feat which was made possible in part by early support from SPiCE VC and its investment fund.

INX Founder and President, Shy Datika, commented on the importance of collaborating with SPiCE VC, stating, “The entire industry is experiencing success because of partnerships like SPiCE and INX’s. SPiCE understands the ecosystem and the driving forces behind it, and this has been very helpful to us…I am excited about INX’s success, about the partnership with SPiCE, its continued support for INX’ vision, and its investment in INX that has impacted our ability to succeed.”

Moving forward, INX will soon find itself listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, providing investors with a regulated trading platform for a variety of digital assets.

Going Public

The goal of a fund such as that on offer from SPiCE VC, is to foster early-stage growth in promising companies, resulting in them eventually going public – a process which ideally yields hearty returns for its investors.

With its recent success, SPiCE VC has now seen not one, but three, companies achieve this marker.  These include,

A few short months ago, the amount of companies involved in blockchain to have gone public were next to nil.  This is rapidly changing however, as made clear by SPiCE VC and its portfolio of promising companies.  No doubt it is only a matter of time before we are updating this progress with a fourth company joining the ranks of INX, Bakkt, and

The Current Crop

Excluding the aforementioned companies to have gone public, the following are a few which comprise SPiCE VC’s current portfolio.

  • Archax
  • Blockdaemon
  • InvestaX
  • IOB
  • Props
  • RealOneX
  • ripio
  • RNDR
  • ROKK3R
  • Securitize

These companies are each trendsetters in their own right – companies developing infrastructure in a variety of sectors which range from digital securities, to NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and more.  After all, variety is the spice of life.

SPiCE VC Founder and Managing Partner, Tal Elyashiv, states, “SPiCE’s objective has always been, and continues to be, to provide our investors exposure to the massive growth of the Blockchain and tokenization industry. This is why we’ve maintained a singular focus on investing in companies like INX, Securitize and others that are developing the world’s tokenization ecosystem, standards, and processes.”

In the three years since its creation, SPiCE VC notes that its fund has provided investors with 91% unrealized gains.  Its NAV report from Q1 2021 continues to impress, boasting a continued uptrend to the tune of 15%.

For investors looking to gain exposure to this portfolio, SPiCE utilizes its very own digital security known as ‘SPICE’.  This token, which can be found on secondary exchanges such as Black Manta, and Fusang Exchange.