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Investing In Science Blockchain (SCI2) – Everything You Need to Know

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The Science Blockchain (SCI2) functions as a next-gen incubator. The network seeks to empower blockchain entrepreneurs and startups through a variety of offerings and services. Notably, the Science Blockchain continues to raise eyebrows across the market due to its unique approach. For example, it was the first VC fund to be funded by a self-issued tokenized compliant securities offering.

The Science Blockchain is no stranger to the market. The fund is currently providing support to over 60 companies across the globe. The group now controls a portfolio worth more than $1.3 billion. Additionally, Science Blockchain has acquired 8 companies since the launch of the fund. The firm's forward-looking stance has made it one of the most recognized names in the VC sector.

What Problems Does Science Blockchain Attempt to Fix?

There are a lot of different problems that the Science Blockchain attempts to rectify through its unique offerings. Primarily, the network streamlines the growth of startups. The incubator fund is tailored specifically towards start-ups and is combined with a host of other helpful features to drive long-term success.


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Science Blockchain (SCI2)

Developer Confusion

Starting a blockchain firm is a monumental task that can require a combination of resources and talent that few groups possess from day one. The Science blockchain provides a crutch for developers. They can leverage the network's know-how and experience to improve their protocols.

Lack of Resources

Another major concern for developers is a lack of resources. It can be frustrating when a development team has an excellent concept but lacks the resources to transform the idea into reality. The Science blockchain seeks to eliminate this scenario from the market by providing financial and technical resources to these groups.

Regulatory Compliance

It can be a costly measure to take a blockchain protocol and adjust it to meet the regulatory requirements of different regions. Start-ups can often find these costs to be overwhelming and a major roadblock to adoption. The Science Blockchain empowers developers to create regulatory-compliant tokens at a minimal cost.


It’s often said that your net worth is your network. This saying is especially true in the decentralized economy. The blockchain sector is s tight nit community that can be difficult for new users to navigate. The Science Blockchain is plugged into the pulse of the blockchain sector. The team continually monitors the market developments to select the platforms with high chances of success.

Benefits of Science Blockchain

There are many benefits that the Science Blockchain brings to the table. The protocol is ideal for company building practices. Traders can create and scale their software to meet the needs of the community using this protocol.

The Science Blockchain enables anyone to take advantage of the benefits presented by tokenized economies. Specifically, the fund helps to drive innovation in the mobile, blockchain, and e-commerce sectors. As part of this approach, the fund partners with leading entrepreneurs to build a portfolio of blockchain and cryptocurrency firms that have the potential to benefit the greater community.

Private Compliant Offerings

Another major plus introduced by Science Blockchain is the ability to participate in compliant private offerings of blockchain businesses. Tokenized securities provide more efficiency and transparency compared to their predecessors. As such, Science Blockchain users seek to create a more democratic blockchain sector.

How Does Science Blockchain Work?

The Science Blockchain (SCI2) fund operates as a fund designed to promote innovation and foundational technologies. The network focuses on incubating early-stage blockchain ventures To accomplish this task, the network provides a plethora of options to drive success. This support can be broken into multiple categories.

Tech Development

The Science Blockchain provides tech development support to startups. The network plugs these groups into a community of well-informed developers who are ready to assist in technical recruitments. This feature is a major plus because it cuts down on the cost of expansion and growth.


Along the same lines of thought, The Science Blockchain helps startups recruit talented programmers to further their goals. Finding reliable and experienced blockchain developers can be a hefty task. Science Blockchain already has a community of developers ready to further your goals.


Marketing is another aspect of the process that the Science Blockchain improves. New projects might have the technology but lack the marketing skills to see success. The Science Blockchain provides marketing solutions that work. They focus on raising brand awareness and community building.

Science Blockchain Business Development

Science Blockchain provides business development strategies to startups. The group has experience helping these groups expand and achieve their goals. Science Blockchain can save firms on business development costs.

Science Blockchain (SCI2) Token

SCI2 is a fully regulated security token. The trading token represents the portfolio company of the underlying VC fund. Users must meet regulatory requirements to hold SCI2. Token holders enjoy appreciation alongside the growth of the fund.


Science Blockchain was launched in 2011. The platform is registered in Los Angeles with Greg Gilman and Peter Pham listed as the founders of the network. In 2017, the network secured $12.3 million via an ICO. Today, the project is the first VC fund to support its launch via a regulated STO (Security Token Offering).

How to Buy Science Blockchain (SCI2)

Currently, Science Blockchain (SCI2) is available for purchase on the following exchanges.

Securitize Markets – This exchange was launched in 2021, and remains one of the leading options for purchasing digital securities such as Science Blockchain (SCI2) on the secondary market.

This exchange is operated by Securitize Markets, an SEC-registered broker-dealer with CRD (Central Registration Depository) number: 283256. The unique SEC (Security Exchange Commission) identifier for this company is: 8-69743. The legal status of Securitize can be verified through FINRA ( Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. ).

Science Blockchain (SCI2) is available to accredited and non-accredited investors from the USA, Canada and most parts of the world.

INX Securities – This exchange (formerly known as Openfinance) is an SEC-registered broker-dealer with CRD (Central Registration Depository) number: 162182. The unique SEC (Security Exchange Commission) identifier for this company is: 8-69058. The legal status of INX Securities can be verified through FINRA ( Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. ).

INX is available to residents of Australia, Singapore, UK, & US. Canada is prohibited.

Disclaimer: Assets listed on both the Securitize & INX website are securities that are not publicly traded, may be subject to resale restrictions, and are intended for investors who do not need a liquid investment. These investments are NOT bank deposits (and thus NOT insured by the FDIC or by any other governmental agency), are NOT guaranteed by Securitize Markets or INX Securities, LLC or its affiliates, and MAY lose value. Neither the Securities and Exchange Commission nor any federal or state securities commission or regulatory authority has recommended or approved any investment or the accuracy or completeness of any of the information or materials provided by or through the Securitize Markets, INX website, or the website. Investors must be able to afford the loss of their entire investment.

The Science Blockchain – Building a Stronger Decentralized Market

The developers behind the Science Blockchain took great care to examine the most common pitfalls that developers face. They took this data and created a helpful system that enables these startups to access the resources and knowledge needed to be successful. As such, the Science Blockchain serves a vital role in driving adoption rates up in the future.

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