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Investing In Axelar (AXL) – Everything You Need to Know

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Axelar (AXL) operates as a cross-chain infrastructure and layer 1 programmable blockchain. The network’s developers have introduced a variety of features that are geared towards expanding the user experience for web3.0 Dapp subscribers. The network introduces features such as 1-click deployment to improve onboarding and performance.

What Problems Does Axelar Attempt to Fix?

It’s clear from Axelar's structure that the network is focused on streamlining interoperability within the market. For years, developers have sought out ways to improve the ability of blockchain to communicate data freely. Achieving this goal would bring the benefits of added liquidity and functionality to the market.

Axelar accomplishes this task by enabling Dapp users to interact with assets on any network regardless of if the blockchain is private or public. The network also supports developers creating multi-chain Dapps that leverage the best aspects of each network. This structure will improve performance and programming time.

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Develop Onboarding

Another main concern for the developers behind Axelar was to improve developer onboarding. As part of their strategy, the founders made sure to enable developers to join the network without the need to learn new programming languages. This step means that users from slower blockchains can easily expand their Dapps onto the Axelar system without delay.

Lack of Liquidity

There has been a steady drumbeat of complaints regarding the lack of interoperability within the crypto space as of late. Many networks provide the same service with a slight difference because of this lack of the ability to share functionality. Axelar eliminates this issue and enables developers to create advanced Dapps and cross-chain DEXs or AMMs.

Benefits of Axelar

There are a lot of reasons why a person would want to look deeper into Axelar. For one, the network enables developers to leverage the best blockchain based on their capabilities. Dapp development that leverages cross-chain communication for Web3 supports interactions with assets across popular networks in real time. Best of all, Axelar streamlines the process down to one click.

Better than Bridges

One of the main selling points of Axelar is that its technology far outperforms bridges in terms of cross-chain capabilities. In most bridge scenarios, a wrapping smart contract is used to transfer the asset across chains. Axelar provides a smarter option via native cross-chain Dapps.


Security has been a concern for Axelar's development team since day one. The network introduces a permissionless, dynamic validator set as part of its security protocols. This approach provides near real-time validation and open trackability to users. As such, Axelar offers high transparency to users. Axelar takes a multidimensional approach to network security. The network is capable of handling complex multi-network tasks while remaining secure. The system uses the Squid protocol to improve cross-chain liquidity using javascript software.


Anyone can stake AXL to secure passive income. Staking protocols are common in most fourth gen blockchains. The main advantage of these networks is that they are very low risk and provide consistent returns based on the amount you stake. Notably, staking is ideal because you receive the staked asset back at the end of the process. Staking is a core component because it enables users to see what they are going to receive regarding returns via the staking calculator.

How Does Axelar Work?

Axelar functions as a universal interoperability network that supports data and asset transfers across all blockchains. The system introduces techniques such as Turing-complete calls as part of its model. Additionally, the network functions as a permissionless Proof-of-Stake network.

Axelar Virtual Machine

At the core of the Axelar protocol is the virtual machine. This is the decentralized protocol that executes smart contracts on the network. The Axelar VM has the added benefit of functioning on other networks which improves the platform's Dapp capabilities dramatically. The Axelar VM is EVM and IBC compatible. Notably, the process takes less than 10 minutes.

Application Development

The application development layer of Axelar is where smart contract and dapp protocol exist. This structure enables the network to scale without congestion during the validation process. The network introduces the concept of Gateway smart contracts which enable the protocol to communicate messages across all connected chains. Interestingly, the system creates a new gateway for each chain connected.

Cross Chain NFTs

Another huge benefit that Axelar brings to the market is cross-chain NFTs. This technology provides developers with the ability to make NFTs that can operate in a variety of different digital landscapes and applications. This approach enables them to create more value for digital assets without increasing overhead. It also enables users to leverage NFTs for collateral in other DeFi ecosystems.

Token – AXL

The AXL token is the main utility token for the network. Users can stake this token to help validate the network and secure passive rewards. There are 1 billion AXL tokens in total scheduled for issuance. AXL provides fast performance due to the network's DPoS consensus and streamlined processes.


Axelar leverages a community governance mechanism to keep users in the loop. These systems enable you to put forth proposals regarding everything from fee changes to upgrades in the protocol. These changes go to a community vote. Those that pass receive funding and are implemented.

How to Buy Axelar (AXL)

Currently, Axelar (AXL) is available for purchase on the following exchanges.

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Axelar (AXL) – Interoperability Opens the Door for Further Adoption

Axelar's developers have recognized that interoperability is a crucial step that the market needs to undertake to expand. Axelar provides a variety of features that make it an ideal solution for users to consider. The network's scalability and ease of integration continue to drive its adoption. You can learn more about other interesting crypto projects like Axelar here.

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