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INDX and their Masternode Platform have Gained the Support of Many




Gaining Support

Promising upstart, INDX, has released an updated list of their backing and strategic partnerships. With an upcoming platform launch, their support network is rounding into shape. Below are the companies that will be working with INDX in varying capacities to ensure their success.


The team at Swarm will work with INDX by providing a platform to facilitate both an STO and digital securities issuance. In doing so, they will be priming INDX for the eventual trading of their tokens on secondary markets.

London Block Exchange

Building off of the services offered by Swarm, London Block Exchange anticipates that INDX will be one of their first supported digital securities. This is anticipated to occur upon launch of the London Block Exchange later in 2019. This listing on a secondary market will provide the liquidity sought after by investors.

Tyr Capital Partners

Drawing upon their experience in both arbitrage and trading, Tyr Capital will assist INDX through the guidance of their approach to trading.

Iconiq Lab

Finally, Iconiq Lab is not only a shareholder within INDX, but will be providing services to the young company as well. These services will come in the form of solution providence for INDX asset management.

Making Boring Great

INDX has recognized the types of investors that digital securities appeal to, and set out to appeal to them. To do this, INDX offers the opportunity for consistent, passive income, through their masternodes platform. While this approach may lack ‘sizzle’, it is intriguing for those looking for a reprieve from the rollercoaster that is crypto.

INDX Capital - Tokenized Masternode Portfolio - Let's Make 'Boring' Great Again[CC]


The CEOs of various companies issued statements in the press release. The following are a few words from Swarm and INDX, themselves, regarding these developments.

Jonathan DeCarteret, CEO of INDX, stated,

“Investors want to capture the exceptional profits from crypto, without exposure to its heart-stopping risk and volatility. Our Masternode solution distributes regular proceeds to those investors seeking a passive exposure.”

Timo Lehes, Cofounder & CIO of Swarm, stated,

“The team at INDX not only brings an important new category of investment opportunity to the blockchain, but does so in an innovative way, bolstering the expertise of their experienced team with the latest in machine learning to unlock the potential value of masternode investment. Swarm is thrilled to partner with INDX by providing the technology and infrastructure to bring their STO to market.”


INDX is a London based company that was founded in 2018. The company functions primarily as a ‘masternode investment vehicle’. Company operations are overseen by CEO, Jonathan DeCarteret.

It is expected that INDX will be going live with their platform on May 1, 2019.

In Other News

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