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Roundup: Gaming and NFT Projects Flock on Polygon, Co-founder Nailwal Remarks on The Bear Market

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Polygon has gradually been gaining recognition in the blockchain gaming niche. The network was ranked the third largest chain for hosting blockchain games with 198 (data updated as of early last month), ahead of others like Solana, which hosts just over half (102) of Polygon's figure. Among other factors, the top-grade hires who have joined its gaming and NFT arm Polygon Studio in different capacities this year have been crucial to this tremendous growth.

More recently, the Polygon network has been trending even more, and here's a look at some of the exciting headlines around the ecosystem:

Polygon's Sandeep Nailwal urges developers to capitalize on the current market conditions

Bear markets are a testing period, more so for bulls. However, from a different standpoint, this same climate presents an ideal opportunity for blockchain developers to progress on their projects. This is according to Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal whose view is shared by several industry experts and influential cryptocurrency figures, including Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson.

Speaking on Monday during this year's edition of the Korea Blockchain Week (KBW) in Seoul, Nailwal set forth that the current bear market creates an environment free of market turmoil. Such an environment, he pointed out, is particularly suitable for carrying out marketing operations

“In the bear market, the best part is that there [are] no buyers. The bear market is the cheapest to hire, it is also in the bear market that it's very good to do marketing because nobody else is spending that much money.”

The production company behind the TV show ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo' launches NFTs on Polygon

Elsewhere, Astory's AIMC, the production unit behind the Korean drama show Extraordinary Attorney Woo, has launched an NFT initiative on Polygon to create awareness of the autism developmental disability. The NFT collection, whose airdrop through the ‘Extraordinary Whales Club' started on August 7, will further provide an avenue for engagement with the fans. The airdrop, which runs until August 12, aligns with the Korea Blockchain Week (KBW) event.

Polygon has welcomed even more NFT projects in the past few weeks, thanks to its carbon-neutral status and commitment to become carbon negative. Last month, beverage and soft drinks company Coca-Cola announced a digital collectible drop on International Friendship Day to celebrate its venture into the metaverse. The bubble-themed collection launched on Polygon and was airdropped at the end of last month to wallets of holders of previous Coca-Cola NFT offerings.

Game studio Arrivant to debut its upcoming Project Eluüne: StarGarden on Polygon

US-based game publisher Arrivant last Friday announced a decision to extend its operations across other blockchains. The game studio revealed that its Play-&-Own game title Project Eluüne: StarGarden, which is natively powered by Solana, will now be released on the Polygon network. The Los Angeles-based game company explained that the chain's sustainability mission influenced its choice of the Ethereum scaling platform as the next cross-chain home.

While we are planning to become a cross-chain project […], we are quite confident many of them will be choosing to play on Polygon.” Arrivant CEO Cedric Gamelin said.

The Web3 game studio also underlined Polygon's AAA talent onboarding as another convincing reason. It concurrently disclosed that it is wrapping up a seed funding round with Polygon as one of the entities backing the raise.

Epic League to debut Dark Throne title on Polygon following a strategic partnership

Web3 game studio Epic League last week disclosed a strategic partnership with Polygon. The games studio brings its industry-leading blockchain game development services, while Polygon delivers a sustainable and reliable network. Epic League's Executive Director Jay Kim noted that the firm shares Polygon's vision of a borderless world. The game publisher will mark its partnership with the hack-and-slash action RPG title Dark Throne which will debut on Polygon in Q3 2022.

Can the warm-up to ‘The Merge' provide a price boost to MATIC?

In the market, Polygon's token MATIC could be poised for significant gains ahead of the upcoming Merge event as per the host of Coin Bureau. The pseudonymous host theorized that MATIC price could climb as high as $1.50 ahead of the merge arriving in the coming weeks. The popular analyst justified that the Merge will, by extension, make the scaler platforms like Polygon more environmentally friendly, thereby increasing appeal in the eyes of investors.

MATIC was last spotted trading around $0.89, at the time of writing. It has to be noted that the token has failed to reclaim the $1.00 mark since the first week of May. Optimism and hope aside, it will take significant upside momentum for the pair to rally to this point. The hype around ‘The Merge' does convey potential bullish sentiment, but the possibility of MATIC shooting to the projected target depends on the overall sentiment being sufficient to prop up accrued gains.

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