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Entoro to Act as Placement Agent in Upcoming Leonovus ‘Galaxa’ STO

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Leonovus and Entoro

In an effort to round out the services and capabilities of their upcoming Galaxa STO, Canadian based Leonovus has engaged Entoro Capital. This engagement will see Entoro act as a ‘placement agent’ – meaning through the use of Entoro’s ‘Offerboard’ platform, investors will be able to easily access and purchase Galaxa Tokens (GAAX).


Galaxa is a blockchain based project, developed by Leonovus, which is scheduled to undergo an STO in the coming months. This event will see the distribution of GAAX tokens based on Securitize’s ‘DS-Protocol’.

Galaxa is described by Leonovus as ‘the first cloud Anything as a Service (XaaS) distributed storage and compute shared economy marketplace’.


In making their announcement, representatives from each, Entoro and Leonovus, took the time to share their thoughts. The following is what each had to say on the matter.

James C. Row, Managing Partner of Entoro, stated,

We believe this is an excellent opportunity for investors in the data center or related businesses as the Galaxa project will take cloud computing to the next level of service globally.”

Michael Gaffney, CEO of Leonovus, stated,

Our vision is for Galaxa to become one of the largest data centers and cloud service providers in the world without owning any data centers. The GAAX digital security offering, to accredited investors only, is a rather unique investment instrument as the holder of GAAX will receive monthly distributions as a percentage of the top line Galaxa revenues.”


This was an especially busy few weeks for Leonovus, as they have, not only established a new partnership, but on-boarded new talent as well. This move saw George Pretli replace Chris Benk as CFO of Leonovus.

Michael Gaffney, CEO of Leonovus, spoke on the appointment, stating the following.

“Given the early stage of the company, and the fact that we have a solid outsourced accounting service, we believe the CFO workload did not require a full-time employee.  We thank Chris Benk for helping us build the company over the past year and his efforts to support the Galaxa project’s financing. George has extensive CFO and Corporate Secretary experience with a TSXV listed company. He will be an excellent addition to the executive team.”


Leonovus is a Canadian company which calls Ottawa, the nation’s capital, home. Since launching operations in 2010, they have worked to develop enterprise level storage solutions. Naturally, this means gravitating towards the latest tech – blockchain.

Company operations are overseen by CEO, Michael Gaffney.


Entoro is a global investment bank which operates out of Houston, Texas. Under the watch of Managing Partner, James C. Row, Entoro has expanded to offer a variety of services targeted towards blockchain and digital securities.

In Other News

Since their initial decision to pivot from an ICO to and STO, Leonovus has made great strides in establishing partnerships to facilitate the process. Beyond the events discussed here today, these partnerships include Securitize, Rocktree Financial, and DigiMax. Check out the articles below to learn more about these moves.

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