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Digital Securities

Digital Securities Alliance formed by Tokeny and DLA Piper

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Digital Securities Alliance

A new partnership was recently announced that will see the formation of the Digital Securities Alliance (DSA). This alliance was formed by Tokeny and DLA Piper. The DSA is being touted as an ‘all-in-one RegTech solution’.

By combining the specialties of each company, Tokeny and DLA Piper state that this development will allow for token issuers to ensure compliance throughout the distribution process.

Drawing upon DLA Piper’s global experience, token issuers that utilize the platform will receive a variety of benefits. These include, not only ensured compliance in the country of issuance, but distribution in additional 10 countries as well.

Digital Securities Alliance - TOKENY & DLA PIPER


In their announcement, representatives from both DLA Piper and Tokeny took the time to comment on the formation of the Digital Securities Alliance.

Martin Bartlam, Head of Finance & Projects at DLA Piper, stated,

“Technology is now providing tremendous opportunities for law firms to improve the way we offer professional services to clients. This is increasingly relevant in providing cost efficient cross-border solutions to small and large cap businesses looking to access capital to develop their business offering. Working with a technology provider to structure a compliant legal offering is a great way to open up capital markets and enable businesses to access capital in a low cost and efficient way.”

Luc Falempin, CEO of Tokeny, stated,

For the digital securities ecosystem to develop its essential for institutional investors to commit significant capital. By establishing this unique relationship with one of the worlds leading law firms, we are creating the right infrastructure and opening up a tremendous opportunity for institutional involvement. Institutions can finally invest in digital assets knowing the offering has respected the necessary regulations. The Digital Securities Alliance resembles a best of both worlds approach, as it is one thing to know what laws to respect but its another actually enforcing those rules on the blockchain…There is a growing awareness amongst traditional financial players that blockchain technology will transform the infrastructure in capital markets. Of course, those that come from a DLT background have believed this for a long time, but were now seeing traditional players sharing the same opinion. This partnership is a manifestation of that shared belief.

DLA Piper

DLA Piper is a law firm that was founded in 2005. The firm has global reach, with clients spanning nearly every continent. This client base benefits from the firm’s focus, specifically on business law.


Headquartered in Luxembourg, Tokeny has been in operation since 2017. They are a Fintech company specializing in digital assets. This focus has seen the company release various products and services targeted towards tokenization compliance, and identification verification.

Company operations are overseen by a quartet, boasting extensive resumes.

Andrew Darwin

Roger Meltzer

Simon Levine

Cameron Jay Rains

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