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Digital Assets Monthly Report – July Edition




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July was a strong month for digital assets.  Not only did crypto markets see a strong surge in prices, reports continue to indicate a bright future is on its way for CBDCs and digital securities alike.

Regulatory Advances and Findings

In what can sometimes be considered chaotic markets, order can be a good thing.  Many have recognized this, and begun to welcome regulation as a means of ousting bad actors, while fostering a productive sector for those involved.  Not only did July see various centralized entities, such as BlockFi, under fire from regulators, politicians loudly voiced their opinions on digital assets.

Senator Warren Urges Action Against Cryptocurrencies

BlockFi Issued ‘Cease and Desist' Order Citing Securities Violations

Digital Securities

Slow but steady growth is continuing to be seen within the digital securities sector.  While interest may still be dwarfed when compared to Bitcoin, or even NFTs, the potential behind digital securities is just as large.   The following articles take a macro view at the sector, and how digital securities can affect private markets.

Digital Securities – A Macro View

Digital Securities for Private Markets

The B-Word

Tesla Could Help Bitcoin Transition to Clean Energy

Without a doubt, one of the highlights seen in July was a sit-down conference involving Jack Dorsey, Cathie Wood, and Elon Musk.  Dubbed ‘The B-Word', this conference saw each influential individual share their thoughts and inspirations surrounding the top digital asset – Bitcoin.  One of the more intriguing ideas to come out of the conference is that Tesla itself could help usher Bitcoin towards a future in which it relies more heavily on clean energy.  Read More

Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, Reveals What Inspires Him to Support Bitcoin

While much of the conversation throughout The B-Word revolved around clean energy, Dorsey had the opportunity to elaborate on why he believes so strongly in Bitcoin.  While the reasons are many, he indicated that the idea of empowerment through financial inclusion for underserved populations is the main driving factor.  Read More

Thought Leaders

The Canadian Crypto Landscape is About to Chance – Here's how Investors can Prepare

As regulators around the world continue to grapple with their approach towards digital assets, service providers and industry participants alike must adapt.  This activity is clearly evident within Canadian borders.  Coinberry CEO, Andrei Poliakov, took the time to share his thoughts on this changing landscape, and what the future holds for digital assets within the Great White North.  Read More


Chris Hart- COO at Civic

In an age where KYC laws are increasingly important, identity verification platforms will play a large role.  Chris Hart discusses how Civic is working to develop these solutions, and their integration into Decentralized Finance (DeFi).  Read More

Anndy Lian – Government Blockchain Advisor & Author

As an advisor to companies such as Hyundai, Anndy Lian maintains a finger on the pulse of digital assets at all times.  Here he speaks on what intrigues him about digital assets, in addition to some of the issues facing DeFi moving forward.  Read More

Around the Web

How to Launch an STO? Report Predicts $3T Markey Valuation by 2025 – CoinTelegraph

We have referenced the future potential of digital securities on various occasions.  A recent report generated on the sector supports this narrative, predicting a market valuation of $3T within the coming four years.  Read More