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DESICO partners with BlockTrade

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In a recent announcement, DESICO indicated that they have now established a partnership with Blocktrade.

The goal of this partnership is two-fold. One of these goals is broad – to continue adoption and development of the digital securities sector throughout Europe. The second goal is much more specific – by partnering, digital securities created and issued by DESICO can now be traded on Blocktrade.

As many are touting 2019 as the year for security tokens, partnerships such as this are important to achieve that. It is the promise of liquidity through secondary markets that has so many excited, and this announcement will help satisfy that excitement in Europe.


The CEOs of both DESICO and BlockTrade commented on the partnership.

Laimonas Noreika, CEO of DESICO, stated,

“2019 is set to be the year of Tokenized Securities, therefore we are happy to partner up with Blocktrade which we view as one of the pioneers of compliant and transparent global Tokenized Securities market…The tokenization of assets is still in its early stages and this partnership strengthens our joint position both in attracting businesses that plan to issue tokenized securities as well as raising general awareness about this asset class”

Luka Gubo, CEO of Blocktrade, stated,

“With the new Prospectus regulation coming to force this year, European companies will have even more options to raise funds from investors by issuing Tokenized Securities. Partnership with DESICO will enable us to achieve to the goal of having 100.000 companies, which securities are tokenized and easily traded by retail and institutional investors. DESICO’s compliant approach to tokenization is something we admire and we are looking forward to disrupting growing European capital markets which are in the shadows of the banking system.”


Blocktrade is based out of Liechtenstein, and was founded in 2018. Above all, Blocktrade works to provide services allowing the trading of blockchain based assets – including digital securities. Company operations are spearheaded by CEO, Luka Gubo.


DESICO is based out of Lithuania, and was founded in 2018. Above all, DESICO works to further the digital securities sector. They do so by facilitating both the issuance and trading of tokenized securities via their developing platform.

DESICO recently completed a successful STO of their own, at the tail end of 2018. During this event, DESICO was able to raise $1 million USD, to be used towards platform development.

For more details on DESICO, and their ambitions, check out our token listings page HERE.

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