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Neufund Announces Partnership with Blocktrade

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Neufund partners with Blocktrade

The popular European-based security token issuance platform Neufund announced a strategic partnership with the crypto exchange Blocktrade this week. Neufund specializes in tokenization of real and digital assets. The firm was among the first EU-compliant tokenization platforms to enter the space. Today, the platform hosts multiple legally-binding security tokens.

This latest partnership with Blocktrade is meant to increase liquidity for Neufund token users according to the platform's developers. The connection is the most recent of many new agreements Neufund cemented in the last few months. To date, the firm announced partnerships with Binance, BitBay, and the Malta Stock Exchange.

Neufund announced six upcoming security token offerings which they will issue in the coming months. These STOs include Uniti, mySwoop, Brille24, Next Big Thing, Emflux Motors, and Blockstate. The platform's developers also announced plans to host their own STO sometime this year.


Zoe Adamovics is the co-founder and CEO of the Neufund project. In a recent interview, Zoa explained how the Blocktrade partnership came about. Both firms share a common goal of tokenizing “real world assets, including private equity.” She also spoke briefly on the differences between issuing security tokens and enabling secondary trading.

Zoe believes that her firms focus on the latter will help Neufund gain traction in the space. The young Co-founder and CEO is no stranger to the blockchain, and currently, she travels the globe promoting the advantages provided by security tokens. Her last seminar was hosted in Berlin earlier in the month, with great success.

Zoe Adamovics via Twitter

Zoe Adamovics via Twitter

Neufund's CEO wasn't the only company executive to praise the deal. In a public statement Blocktrade's CEO Luka Gubo spoke on the importance of creating a security token ecosystem. He explained that this development is essential to provide the growing security token sector with more opportunity. He also discussed his admiration for Neufund's fully regulated approach to the market.


Blocktrade entered the market earlier in the year amid growing interests in regulated cryptocurrency tokens. The platform registered as a security token exchange this year.  While still in its development stages, Blocktrade submitted for their Multilateral Trading Facility license earlier in the year. The platform also provides enterprise-level tokenization options.

Blocktrade via Homepage

Blocktrade via Homepage

Security Token Issuance Platforms

Security token platforms continue to enter the cryptospace to accommodate for the rising public interests in these newly regulated coins. Platforms such as Polymath, Securitize, Swarm, and Securrency all offers businesses an easy way to tokenize their assets similarly to Neufund.

Despite the growing competition in the market, Neufund offers users a comprehensive security token experience. By providing access to the secondary markets, investors gain confidence in their ability to liquefy their assets. This strategy could help Neufund secure a position as the top EU security token issuance platform.

A More “Secure” Crypto Future

Many in the crypto space see the development of security tokens as the next logical step in the cryptomarket’s progression towards large-scale adoption. Platforms such as Neufund help to bridge the gap between the cryptomarket and traditional investment firms. Its safe to say that the security token space is just heating up.

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