stub has gone live with their tokenizes securities exchange.
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Digital Securities Goes Live with ‘The World’s First Regulated Tokenised Securities Exchange’

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Going Live, one of the more anticipated entrants into the digital securities sector, has just announced their platform has gone live.

This platform allows for global investors to use BTC and ETH to actively trade over 150 instruments at launch, including securities, commodities, indices, and shares. This number is expected to grow to 4,000 as development continues in time.

These services are made possible through licensing and oversight, on behalf of European blockchain regulator, High Technology Park of Belarus. can be accessed in a variety of ways, ranging from web based clients, to both IOS and Android apps – all actively available.

Successful BETA

This announcement comes months after officially went into BETA. With January, 2019 serving as the jumping off point, the company now finds their program a success, leading to the public launch discussed here today. is the secret sauce behind These two outfits are sister companies, with the latter borrowing technology from the former.

It is through the use of’s trading platform – which is AI based – that has been able to get to where they are today.


In a recent statement to TechCrunch, Ivan Gowan, CEO of, commented on the progress being made. He stated,

“The arrival of tokenized securities will completely change how investors can use their cryptocurrencies. Linking crypto to the price of stocks and shares provides a tangible way for holders of Bitcoin and Ethereum to access traditional financial markets. Our beta launch proved the appetite is there globally for a service like this and’s full launch marks a significant shift in the direction of crypto as it becomes more regulated and starts to move closer towards traditional markets.” is a fintech company that is based out of Gibraltar, and licensed in Belarus. The company was launched in 2018, with operations being overseen by CEO, Ivan Gowan.

The company touts themselves as ‘The World’s First Regulated Tokenized Securities Exchange’. To achieve this title, they describe their mission as, ‘With an intense focus on simplicity, ease of use, speed and power – we aim to develop the best trading service on the market. We are a fintech company with deep expertise in trading, markets, blockchain, technology, customer centricity and financial regulation.’ The world's first regulated tokenised securities trading platform

In Other News

Aside from, various other outfits have begun trading tokenized securities on secondary markets throughout the world. For instance, the Gibraltar Stock Exchange, which, as its name would imply, is also located in Gibraltar, recently began doing so. Here are a couple of articles talking about this event and others promising secondary markets.

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