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Top 10 Crypto Launchpads



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Learning The top 10 crypto launchpads is a smart way to find the best projects when they are on the ‘ground floor'. History has shown that locating crypto gems before the competition can result in positive returns for those with the insight to make the right decision. Luckily, crypto launchpads make it much easier to find the most promising projects and participate in the long-term growth of the crypto industry.

What are Crypto Launchpads?

Crypto launchpads are platforms designed to help startups take their projects from concept to market successfully. These systems come in many different forms and have been known to leverage multiple types of fundraising strategies to achieve their goals. As such, crypto launchpads remain a valuable tool for blockchain startups and traders alike.

Notably, each crypto launchpad has specific requirements that you need to be aware of before participating in any fundraising events. These requirements can include details such as the minimum amount required, distribution times, staking requirements, and even if your jurisdiction qualifies for the event. All of these factors help you determine a project's viability and if it’s the right addition to your portfolio.

Finding the right crypto launchpad can take some time. There is no one-size-fits-all, and you need to look at your scenario to decide what factors are vital to your strategy. Thankfully, you don’t have to move forward blindly. Here are the top 10 crypto launchpads that every crypto investor should know, in no particular order.

1. Kucoin Spotlight

Kucoin is one of the oldest and most respected names on this list. The exchange has been a powerhouse since it entered service in 2017. KuCoin is based out of Seychelles and is currently considered one of the top-performing options available. Recently, the exchange added a launchpad feature called Kucion Spotlight.

Kucoin Spotlight was designed to serve startups and investors seeking early opportunities. The platform has successfully launched multiple projects that have gone on to provide valuable services to the community. These projects range from DeFi (Decentralized Finance) options to play-to-earn gaming.

Source - Kucoin Spotlight - Crypto Launchpads

Source: Kucoin Spotlight

Investors gain significant advantages when they leverage Kucoin's Launchpad. For one, the network has a stringent admittance policy. All projects undergo a vetting process by 3 independent teams.  Additionally, each project then completes multiple levels of review to qualify.

Kucoin Spotlight makes it easy to see a project's merits. You can find crucial data, including the project's background, technology, and network. Additionally, you can see data on the platform's finances and development team. There is even info on the network's marketing strategy.

2. Gamestarter

Gamestarter is a Launchpad that focuses on the growing GameFi And Play-to-Earn markets. These sectors of the blockchain industry continue to outpace the competition. Notably, the gamification of blockchain assets has helped drive adoption and made it easier for more people to own blockchain assets like NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

Gamestarter leverages IGOs (Initial Game Offerings) to help startups achieve their funding goals. As part of this strategy, the platform provides a full spectrum of services to startups, including guidance on development and distribution, which helps projects avoid common pitfalls.

Gamestarter has a unique funding model that includes two stages. The stages are broken down to accommodate those staking and those who simply want to fund the project and receive a token. Notably, Gamestarter supports multiple blockchains, including Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Solana.

To date, Gamestarter has helped +47 startups take flight and has successfully raised +$12M. Today, Gamestarter is one of the best-known accelerators in the P2E market. As such, it's worth looking at this network if you seek early access to blockchain gaming titles.

3. MakerDAO Pad

MakerDAO is another established name on this list that provides startup funding solutions. Notably, MakerDAO is more than a fundraising platform. It combines multiple DeFi features to create an all-inclusive user experience. Investors can sort through potential projects and leverage real-time data to make informed decisions.

The MakerDAO incubator has been proven to help startups become relevant faster. Part of this strategy is to provide support in multiple ways. MakerDAO launchpad users enjoy access to powerful growth technology, marketing strategies, legal experts, and much more.

MakerDAO users may stake their tokens in pools to support startups. You can also motor current and past projects directly from the portal, streamlining the process further. Today, MakerDAo is known for providing access to top-quality early-stage investment opportunities.

Over 126 Projects have secured +$56M in contributions using MakerDAO as their launchpad. These projects have seen much success and currently have a combined market cap of $556M, according to company documentation. As such, MakerDAO is considered a top-performing Launchpad and incubator.

4. Binance Launchpad

The Binance Launchpad leverages one of the largest crypto ecosystems in the world to help firms access public and private funding. Binance is one of the premier exchanges in the world, and their launchpad doesn’t disappoint. Impressively, the platform has helped secure +$1B for startups to date.

To get approved for the Binance launchpad, you must meet strict criteria. The selection process reviews a wide variety of metrics ranging from financial and technical aspects all the way to the development teams' past successes and failures. All of these factors are combined with the overall market demand for their offerings.

The Binance Launchpad has a unique multi-stage setup. In the first stage, investors will stake their BNB tokens in a pool. Keenly, the more tokens you stake, the better your chances are to win the second stage, which is a lottery. This style of launchpad is because Binance has so many people who want to participate in their events.

The lottery determines who wins the opportunity and creates a fairer system for users.  Once the launch is complete, all tokens get distributed automatically via smart contracts within 24 hours. This approach works great for massive networks with millions of daily users like Binance.

5. GameFi

GameFi is another launchpad that helps new gaming titles launch and build communities. The platform uses IDOs (Initial Decentralized Offerings) to enable users to get in on projects launched before exchange listings. This strategy leverages smart contracts set up as pools.

Notably, each pool has different requirements in terms of minimum required, staking time, KYC standards, and more. This approach provides the budding P2E gaming industry with a secure and easy way to access public funding and raise awareness for their future endeavors.

Of the biggest draws to Gamefi is the easy-to-use web portal. You can use this interface to access past projects and monitor their current progress. You can review vital statistics such as the total raised during the events, who backed the project, and its current market cap. These stats make it easier to find the best p2e, DeFi, NFT, metaverse, or AI projects available.

GameFi continues to grow in its offerings and investment community. The platform has helped +80 projects launch and secured $12.8M in funding. Additionally, the platform has +200k already vetted and KYC-compliant investors. All of these factors have helped GameFi become a prominent name in the P2E market.

6. PolkaStarter

Polkastarter is the premier launchpad for the Polkadot blockchain ecosystem. Polkadot is a high-performance 4th-generation blockchain that streamlines the creation of blockchain subnetworks. These subnetworks are called polkachains. They enjoy full interoperability within the ecosystem, which adds to the value of the entire community.

Polkastarter makes finding the best Polkadot-based projects easier before their exchange listing. Users can gain early investor access to new NFTs, gaming platforms, DeFi systems, and other web3 solutions. Notably, the platform has an intense vetting process that thoroughly examines the merits of crypto projects before approval.

Polkastarter is a flexible launchpad with projects from various top-performing networks, including Polygon, Ethereum, BNB Chain, Solana, Polkadot, Avalanche, and Celo. It operates as a permissionless and censorship-resistant way for developers to gain funding to launch decentralized and compliant dapps.

Polakstarter has secured +$49.7M in funding for +122 projects. These projects have seen growing success with a current market cap of +$749M. Additionally, the platform has a strong community of +35k investors that participated in past events.

7. Enjin Starter

Enjin Starter is another platform that primarily focuses on the P2E and metaverse sectors of the blockchain market. The metaverse is a hot topic that is sometimes very confusing. This term refers to a virtual 3d world that enables users to communicate and build within it.

Source EnjinStarter - Crypto Launchpads

Source: EnjinStarter

The metaverse is big business, and Enjin Starter is on the ground floor of the expanding adoption of this game-changing technology. For example, the platform leverages Engin's JumpJet technology to improve scalability and performance. These features are combined with advanced security and 360-degree support to create a powerful tool for investors and startups alike.

One aspect of the Enjin Starter's selection process that makes it unique is its focus on sustainability. Each project must meet the platform's stringent standards and practices to qualify. As such, you save a lot of time and effort as this data is readily available to those seeking to invest.

8. Pancakeswap IFO

Pancakeswap IFO serves a crucial role in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem as one of the premier launchpads and DeFi ecosystems in operation. Pancakeswap is the most recognizable and successful DEX in the BSC ecosystem. As such, it has direct access to a massive user base and liquidity.

Interestingly, Pancakeswap leverages a method called an IFO (Initial Farm Offering) to raise funds for startups. This strategy leverages large farming pools that generate rewards for users based on the amount of time they participate. Farming is a better option for some investors because there are no lockup requirements.

Pancakeswap leverages a multistage IFO system that is somewhat similar to the Binance launchpad setup. The first stage involves potential investors joining the farming pool. From there, the token allocation is based on what percentage of the total raised you contributed. This method is known as “overflow”.

9. Bytbit Launchpool

Bytbit Launchpool connects investors and startups leveraging smart contract pools. Participants receive interest for their tokens staked and in many instances, a bonus. This bonus is paid in USDT and is a big draw for investors alongside other cool features such as daily yields.

Bybit operates as a CEX and DeFi ecosystem focusing on security and education. For example, Launchpool rewards users who complete certain educational tasks and pass a quiz. The goal of the content is to make you a more informed and successful launchpool participant.

Bytbit has some professional trading features that make it stand out. For example, you can open both long and short accounts on the exchange. Also, the platform is known for providing exposure to new crypto tokens and has been in operation since 2018.

Other factors pushing the platform's adoption include quality customer care like live chat and translation from +30 languages. All of these features make it easier to narrow in on market trends and make smart investment decisions promptly.

10. Seedify

Seedify has a lot of momentum in the market right now, and for good reason. For one, it's geared towards the gaming sector and includes a full incubator program that has proven helpful. Seedify has a stringent selection process that provides a transparent picture of the progress and health of projects.

Another benefit that Seedify brings to the table is its communication skills. The platform's advisors have years of experience putting together teams and helping transform inactive users into network participants via staking and other strategies.

Currently, Speedify is a top option for those seeking a reliable NFT launchpad that focuses primarily on gaming and metaverse assets. Notably, the launchpad is a part of the larger Speedify marketplace. Here, you can find top-performing gaming NFTs and much more. Additionally, Seedify leverages the IGO strategy that offers early access to titles before listing.

Get Ready for Takeoff

Every crypto investor dreams of getting in on the ground floor of a project just before it moons. Crypto launchpads can't guarantee success but lower your workload, provide exclusive access to new projects, and help you expand your knowledge. All of these factors mean that you can gain a lot by integrating one of the top 10 crypto launchpads into your strategy in the future.

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