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Tezos’ Branch in India Just Launched its Own Launchpad for Web3 Games Development

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Tezos’ Branch in India Just Launched its Own Launchpad for Web3 Games Development

Tezos India, which is one of the biggest blockchain adoption entities in the country, announced recently the launch of its own Game Launchpad. The so-called Tezos India Game Launchpad, or TIGL, is a comprehensive platform meant to assist game developers with various aspects of developing, funding, and launching games on Tezos’ blockchain.

In other words, Tezos India wishes to encourage game development in the Tezos ecosystem, which does not come as a surprise given the recent success of GameFi, and the fact that it was damaged the least by the bear market that has been dominating the crypto industry for the last eight and a half months.

The initiative will also include a comprehensive incubation program, a Web3 gaming course, and a Web3 gaming handbook. The course was created by the project’s founding team itself, and Tezos India announced that it will support game debs by also providing Ecosystem Growth Grants.

The so-called EGGs will be worth $10,000, and they will come together with an opportunity to join the project’s incubation program with TZ APAC — an Asian leading blockchain adoption entity.

Any game developers interested in participating can submit their applications and the details of their project and roadmap on the TIGL website. The devs will then be assisted in any way they require, be that with publishing, fundraising, or tech support. TIGL will also help with the integration of Tezos blockchain into games, as well as with NFT development. It will even offer P2E consultancy.

The developers will also receive assistance from TIGL’s global partners, such as IndiGG, Tezotopia, and others. One more benefit that the developers will get is the chance to work with ITGL’s partner VCs which might provide investment support and gain access to the best launchpads.

Web3 gaming is the future of gaming

Tezos India’s Head of Growth, Amanjot Malhotra, noted that there is an exodus of games from Web2 to Web3 as the industry leaders realized that the future of gaming is on the blockchain. Malhotra predicted that this decade will see more and more games moving to the blockchain for its obvious benefits. TIGL intends to lead this migration to the blockchain, and it formed strategic partnerships that will allow it to achieve this.

Its partners include top existing games, gaming guilds, VCs, and more. Tezos India’s president, Om Malviya, also commented on the new development, stating that Web3 games will be the next big thing. They are opening new creative and economic opportunities for developers and gamers alike, and there is potential to unlock a massive untapped market with an estimated worth of $100 billion.

By doing what it does, Tezos India is setting the stage for a decentralized future in Gaming, where massive participants will arrive in due time. For now, however, the Indian market is still in its infancy stages. However, this should not discourage because it is well-positioned for the rapid adoption of P2E gaming thanks to the popular use of mobile devices and the low cost of data.

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