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Blockpulse – Lemonway Receive Registration from ACPR Banque de France

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Blockpulse - Bank of France

This week, the French tokenization startup Blockpulse received registration from the ACPR Bank of France. The regulatory approval allows Blockpulse to move forward with its tokenization platform. Importantly, the registration makes Blockpulse the first STO platform to achieve registration from French financial regulators. Now, French investors have access to all the benefits provided by tokenized securities

As a registered STO platform, Blockpulse gains significant rights in the marketplace. For one, the registration with ACPR Banque de France allows them to add functionalities concerning the Euro. Specifically, the registration allows Blockpulse to manage euro payments for financial instruments, transfers, and token issuances.

In a recent interview, Blockpulse COO Marien Irzykiewicz spoke on his firm's achievements. He described how the company registered at ACPR Banque de France with its partner, Lemonway, to bring the concept to reality. Importantly, Lemonway is a leading European digital payment solution provider for investment platforms.

The partnership allows the firm to simplify its business systems, For example, the strategy provides the firm the ability to manage both cash and securities flows on the same blockchain. Additionally, the company plans to automatize critical actions through the use of smart contracts. These actions could include payment disbursements, investor verifications, and token issuances.


Blockpulse entered the market in 2018 with the goal to create an all-in-one box of tools to better serve the STO community. Today, this privately owned company focuses on solutions to raise funds, associate employees and manage investors. Notably, French companies can manage their fundraising in a manner that was previously not possible using the platform. As such, the platform allows companies to create legal documentation, electronic signatures, online payments, cap tables and registry of share movements directly.

Blockpulse via Twitter

Blockpulse via Twitter


For its part, Lemonway provides Blockpulse with top-tier KYC / LCBFT services. Recently, Blockpulse developers described the partnership as a success. They explained that the partnership brings more liquid management to the market. Also, it ensures that Blockport meets all the EU's stringent securities regulations.

France Only

At this time, Blockpulse is only available to French residents. The company's CEO stated that the firm intends to “expand in the European Union through Benelux and Spain” in the coming months. For now, investors outside of France can participate in sales, but only meeting pending regulatory restrictions.

French Pivot to Blockchain

As of last year, French regulators began an open policy towards STO integration. Notably, in September 2019, the French Central Bank Governor, Villeroy de Galhau, stated that the bank was observing tokenized securities with “great interests.” Earlier in the same year, Societe Generale, the third-largest bank in the country, issued a €100 million tokenized bond. This latest registration demonstrates that regulators are ready to push blockchain integration to new heights.

Feel the Blockpulse

Blockpulse receiving registration from the ACPR Banque de France is a huge step forward for the entire EU market. The French STO sector could use this momentum to catch up to its EU counterparts in the coming months. As it stands today, the company has the positioning to become the premier STO platform in the country.

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