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Bletchley Park Asset Management invests in London based Archax

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Investment by Bletchley

In a positive development, London based, ‘Archax’, has announced that they have become the recipient of an investment from Bletchley Park Asset Management.

This investment occurred because Archax has proven themselves to be a promising outfit, on the cusp of a platform launch. Specializing in blockchain based investments, Bletchley Park recognized the potential of Archax, and acquired a stake in the company.

This investment will provide the fuel and runway for Archax to get to their destination – a fully operational and ground breaking digital securities exchange.

Archax has indicated that a future STO is planned for the company, which will provide qualified investors the opportunity to acquire their own piece of equity.


In announcing the news of Bletchley’s investment in Archax, representatives from each company took the time to share their thoughts. The following is what each had to say on the matter.

Graham Rodford, CEO of Archax, stated,

“We see the tokenisation of assets as the next significant step in the evolution of financial markets. As well as bringing liquidity to assets that are currently illiquid and hard to trade, blockchain technology also has the potential to revolutionise traditional liquid financial markets too – particularly by bringing efficiencies and cost savings to the post-trade space. Whilst looking for seed investment, we were keen to find partners who understand what tokenisation can bring and that could add real value to the Archax business. Lewis and the team at Bletchley Park deliver exactly that.”

Lewis Fellas, CIO of Bletchley Park, stated,

“We are strong believers in the institutional adoption of blockchain technologies, and the financial markets space is a key area where they have the potential to disrupt, as well as add real value too. We are keen to invest in innovative products and teams that really understand this space, and the potential of the technology. Archax clearly fits the bill. We are pleased to have been able to make an early investment in their seed fund stage and are excited about their future potential and the investment opportunities the exchange will bring to market.”

Bletchley Park Asset Management

Bletchley Park is an investment firm based out of Kentucky, United States. The team at Bletchley Park boast decades of experience in a variety of sectors, ranging from law, finance, asset management, and more.

Those as Bletchley Park indicate that they approach their blockchain investments with an institutional mindset, with the intent of mitigating risk, while maximizing potential.


Archax is a London, England, based company which was founded in 2018. Soon, this forward thinking company intends to launch a digital securities exchange. It is anticipated that this offering will launch in late 2019.

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing the CEO and Cofounder of Archax – Graham Rodford. In this interview he discusses Archax and how they are making moves to further industry development.

Interview Series – Graham Rodford, CEO of Archax Exchange

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