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Polymath Clients to Benefit from CrowdEngine Services

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Teaming Up

CrowdEngine has recently announced their alliance with Polymath. This pair of companies recognized a need within the world of crowdfunding, relating to the time which must be invested when tokenizing an asset. Through the combination of their services, this partnership should allow for tokenization process to be greatly expedited.

This expedition is achieved through the use of a ‘boxed set’ of services, developed and offered by CrowdEngine. Token issuers, which utilize Polymaths services, will now gain access to these boxed services, which include, but are not limited to, the following features:

  • Branded STO website
  • KYC & AML services
  • Investor whitelisting
  • Payment Gateway

Polymath facilitates the issuance of digital securities, while CrowdEngine paves the way for issuers to do so.


Upon delivering their announcement, representatives from each, Polymath and CrowdEngine, took the time to comment. The following is what they had to say on the matter.

Jim Borzilleri, CEO at CrowdEngine, stated,

“Our partnership with Polymath supports our mission of serving the rapidly growing security token market and gives Polymath token issuers a proven, affordable path to launch…While we help ensure our clients execute compliant offerings, Polymath gives issuers the tools they need to easily issue securities on the blockchain and be secondary market-ready with the ST-20 token standard.”

Graeme Moore, Head of Tokenization at Polymath, stated,

“CrowdEngine is a proven solution that has been providing fundraising and investor management tools since 2014…CrowdEngine provides Polymath issuers with a ready-to-market website for onboarding investors, which is very exciting to us, and very important to our issuers.”


CrowdEngine is a United States based crowdfunding platform, which operates out of Utah. This company, which launched in 2012, described their mission as ‘driving crowdfunding technology’. Naturally, this mission has led them to dive into the world of digital securities, as this new technology looks to revolutionize crowdfunding.

Company operations are currently overseen by CEO, Jim Borzilleri.


Polymath is a Canadian company, based in the metropolis of Toronto. Kevin North currently acts as CEO, and manages operations, which began in 2017.

In the rapidly growing world of digital securities, Polymath remains one of the better known participants. Through offerings such as their ST-20 protocol, Polymath has, to date, successfully helped various companies complete security token offerings.

In Other News

News of this partnership comes on the heels of Polymath’s recently announced ‘PolyMesh’ blockchain. This purpose built blockchain is intended to ramp up adoption of Polymath services, and bring more opportunities to investors. Here are a few articles, discussing Polymath and their recent developments.

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