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Arch RE and Polymath Hope to Offer Broader Scope of Investment Opportunities

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New Opportunities

Digital securities service provider, Polymath, has been chosen to underpin another upcoming DSO with their technology stack. This event will see Arch Real Estate Holdings offer investment opportunities through the sale of digital securities, representing ownership in high-potential properties. More specifically, these opportunities will see a focus on property ownership within Puerto Rico – a high growth area expected to provide solid returns.

Arch Real Estate hopes to make their offering stand out, by updating traditional REIT models, by merging them with blockchain technologies. The goal? Increased liquidity, lower investment requirements, and increased transparency/accessibility/and security.

Arch RE notes that their decision to team with Polymath came after various considerations. One of which, is the willingness of Polymath to, not simply provide Arch RE with current solutions, but to continue working on building new ones moving forward. This ability to grow together is crucial, as the industry still doesn’t know what it wants to be. It is still young enough that industry participants are often trailblazers, figuring out the blueprint day by day.


Upon the release of details pertaining to this strategic partnership, multiple representatives from Arch Real Estate, and Polymath, took the time to comment. The following is what each of these team members had to say on the matter.

Omar Caraballo, CEO of Arch Real Estate Holdings, stated,

“Our company focuses on creating high tenant value, environmental impact reduction, and stable residual income for our investors through use of technology. We are excited to partner with Polymath to introduce an investment opportunity that gives investors a more accessible and liquid form of real estate investment without the high cost of traditional offerings.”

Kim Fernandez, COO of Arch Real Estate Holdings, stated,

“Our company was founded on the principle of bringing liquidity to an illiquid market through the use of technology. The partnership with Polymath has the transformative ability to tokenize real-world assets and give investors incredible returns.”

Chris Housser, Cofounder of Polymath, stated,

“Polymath is proud to be the chosen technology partner for Arch Real Estate Holdings Corp. to provide the technology layer for the Arch real estate investment opportunity.  This project aims to use blockchain technology in a traditionally proven market to provide access to offerings on a global scale. The Arch team has shown that it is set to elevate industry expectation when it comes to real estate investment.”

Arch Real Estate

Arch RE Holdings is a branch of Arch Capital Partners – A tech based investment-company based in Miami, Florida. Founded in 2018, this young company looks to provide savvy investors with a broad range of investment opportunities, underpinned by blockchain technologies.

Company operations are overseen by CEO, Omar Carabello.

Arch Capital Partners


Polymath is a Canadian company, based in Toronto. This promising outfit is built around the goal of enabling the migration of securities onto the blockchain. Since their launch, the company has made significant headway in achieving this, through the release of various token standards, such as ST-20.

Company operations are overseen by CEO, Kevin North.

In Other News

DSOs, blockchain, and real estate have been a mixed bag lately. While real estate markets look to be one of the more promising areas for implementation of DSOs, the industry recently saw the cancellation of a landmark deal. On a more positive note, indications of secondary markets, expected to bring new levels of liquidity to real estate holdings, seem to be gaining traction. Here are a couple of articles which elaborate on each of these developments.

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